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Strengthening social bonds
Date du début: 1 janv. 2015, Date de fin: 1 janv. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project Strengthening social bonds focused on offering a young European the opportunity to come to Iceland and work with the mentally ill that frequent the project VIN. VIN is shelter for people with mental illnesses who many feel isolated in society today. The project offers companionship, support, dignity and purpose. The volunteer assisted the staff at VIN, taking care of the mentally ill guests by participating in various activities with the guests such as by conversing with them, playing chess, cook with them, going for walks, to the cinema or museums or simply spend quality time with them. The volunteer Sabrina Meyns comes from Ireland and stayed in Iceland for one year with the host placement VIN. Sabrina stood out as a candidate due to her eagerness and interests in Iceland and the project and also for her positive outlook despite coming from difficult economic situation and unemployment. The volunteers was encouraged to use her initiative and bring in fresh ideas and activities which she did. The volunteer carried out and organized workshops and took upon herself to organize the place. Sabrina was interested in arts and has studied that, and was able to bring in fresh ideas and activities trough her knowledge. The opportunity to share one’s cultural heritage and to live in a different culture from your own is both challenging and enriching at the same time. For VIN to have a young European person adds value to their structure. The main impact was not only on the volunteer herself but also on the guests of VIN and the staff. That by interacting and caring about each others life both will have mutual long term health benefits and gain understanding and compassion for people who may not share your particular cultural heritage or illness.



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