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Strengthening of the MagBioVin Research and Innovation Team for Development of Novel Approaches for Tumour Therapy based on Nanostructured Materials (MAGBIOVIN)
Date du début: 12 mai 2014, Date de fin: 11 mai 2019 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Through the realization of MagBioVin project, the Institute of Nuclear Sciences “Vinca”, University of Belgrade (Serbia) receives important community support to upgrade its capacities related to the highly specialized research on activated magnetic nanoparticles (MNP) and radionuclide labeled magnetic nanoparticles for application in biosciences, pharmacy and medicine. This is planned to be realized by a set of comprehensive actions, such as engagement of eminent expert in the field (ERA Chair holder), bringing experimental facilities up to the most advanced EU-competitive level, cutting-edge trainings in reputable EU research institutions and intensive dissemination towards ERA, Universities and stakeholders. The Project foresees the key role of ERA Chair holder in improvement of organizational structure, research excellence and especially in communication with stakeholders. Organization of seven dedicated international workshops led by EU experts in the field, six extensive training programs for MagBioVin team members and the accent on intensified international collaboration, are few of the activities anticipated through Project implementation. These are designed to set solid foundations for a final goal: to rise both human and experimental capacities of the “Vinca” Institute to the level that ensures considerable scientific and technological impact within ERA and its ability to compete with leading EU research institutions on an equal basis.