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strEngthening National researcH And iNnovation Capacities in viEtnam
Date du début: 15 oct. 2015, Date de fin: 14 oct. 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

ENHANCE is a structural project that will operate at a macro level targeting the Vietnamese HE system (R&I management and implementation). Thanks to a complementary consortium involving 6 of the most relevant VIET HEIs with geographical balance, 3 EU HEIs with huge experience in R&I and international cooperation and the participation of MOET and MOST (HE and S&T authorities). The project is in line with national priorities that give a predominant role to R&I in the mid/long term and its activities have been designed as a response to Vietnam real needs.ENHANCE will strengthen capacities by promoting effective R&I management and implementation via:•Building human capacities in R&I Management and Implementation (targeted training programme with relevant topics selected on the basis of the in-depth SWOT analysis of the national R&I system)•Strengthening institutional capacity and enhancing national networking with the creation of a Network of Research and Innovation Offices in Vietnam that will be a national level reference for R&I in service of the academic/research community & HEI management, as well as for continuous dialogue with HE and S&T authorities.Capacity Building will be multimodal with a tailor made approach for the different targets (R&I Units, academic/researchers & HE authorities). R&I Units will be in charge of their replication for generating impact and benefit at national level. Networking events will be organised to bring together HE & authorities to foster mutual dialogue and the improvement of R&I at policy level. This will be possible thanks to the drafting of the ENHANCE White paper with recommendation for VIET R&I improvement. Dissemination of the action will be multimodal and intensive for increasing exploitation and long term impact. Excellence of the main outputs will be ensured by a well defined internal Quality Monitoring & the contribution of 2 top level external QA experts who will provide recommendations on most relevantoutputs.



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