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Strategic partnership for enhancing social consciousness
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Employees of the Catholic House Public Benefit Nonprofit Ltd. got to know the social program of the Sozial Akademie of Dortmund operating in Germany two years ago. In addition, in 2014 they had the occasion to study the activity of the Klausenhof Akademie. Discussing the experience gathered in the two institutions, they developed a one-week long, intensive education week entitled Let’s connect!. The program intends to enhance the social consciousness of high school students. The first project week was organized in 2014 and this year we also organized a similar one. The outcomes and experience collected are fascinating: the German partner and we are also dedicated to the further development of the program. According to the experience of the two social weeks, the majority of the students are either involved themselves in some socially difficult situation or is really open-minded to get to know them and are also motivated to help the others. This is the first factor why we have started the planning and the development of a complex education program that can reach a wide range of the high school students and can have a real effect on the participants thanks to the use of an appropriate methodology. This program is a former education program for teachers and its development process is implemented in collaboration with foreign partners. We retain that besides the projects that are targeted directly to the students and aim to enhance their social consciousness, it is also important to involve the high school teachers into similar projects as well. They are the people who educate the former generations and the change of way of thinking, the transmission of a socially sensible attitude is not just possible with the help of the education institutions, but such education is even the responsibility and obligation of schools. In conclusion, these are the motivations why we intend to develop a former education program for teachers concerning social issues. As the basis of the planned former education program for the teachers, we already have collected data on the situation of the Hungarian society and the attitude of young towards social problems (National Statistics Authority and Catholic Youth Foundation). The data and personal experience also show that the young are really open-minded, realize social problems easily and are also motivated to help the others who are facing difficulties. The former education program will be tested in the catholic schools of the Szeged-Csanádi Diocese. The results of the test will be well-based and relevant for eventual further modifications and development of the program as the target group that can be reached is composed by 600 students; while the support of the Saint Gerard High Authority of the Catholic Schools that sustains the institutions means a stable institutional background to the test. The idea of the former education program is accepted well in the catholic schools of the Diocese and the intention of its state-accreditation as an official teacher former education training can also increase the value of the program



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