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Strategic approach to quality inclusion and intercultural dialogue youth work
Date du début: 25 juin 2014, Date de fin: 25 janv. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

In whole Europe and all countries involved in this project there are serious issues with intercultural dialogue and acceptance of diversity due to not only conflict/wars migrations, but also due to economic migrations towards the EU. We have noticed a lack of young qualified and willing leaders of projects for better intercultural acceptance and inclusion in our multiethnic communities. This project targets active youth workers / leaders (from different cultural, social, historical, religious and economic backgrounds) who will further take action in field of social inclusion and cultural diversity, whether through new initiatives or enhanced activities, and will increase opportunity for ALL to access and participate in youth work and youth projects. The core activity of the project is an 8 days long training course “Strategic approach to quality inclusion and intercultural dialogue youth work”. It will be organised in Zadar, Croatia from 3rd till 11th October 2014. Project will gather 30 participants, trainers and staff from 11 organisations/countries (Croatia, Italy, Latvia, Turkey, FYR Macedonia, Slovenia, Greece, Bulgaria, Belgium, Hungary and Romania). Objectives: - Sharing experience - realities and activities - regarding inclusion and diversity in our communities and countries - Understanding different aspects of youth work and inclusion/diversity - Exploring concepts of identity and its development as starting point to understanding inclusion/diversity around us - Increasing empathy with different aspects of discrimination/exclusion and discussing how to deal with challenging situations - Exploring existing policies on Fundamental Rights in Europe and understanding their connection and implications to youth work for inclusion/diversity - Sharing youth work tools/methods for achieving greater inclusion in our communities - Developing strategies for local and European (level) activities of youth work for promotion of inclusion/diversity - Presenting useful EU and CoE resources and funding programmes to encourage European cooperation among partners for inclusion (projects which will focus on organising youth exchanges which will include second generation immigrant youngsters and youth from other cultural minorities according to the realities and needs in our local communities) The training course is based on the pedagogical understanding of the Council of Europe and the European Commission Partnership Programme and our own experience and expertise in youth work for inclusion and intercultural dialogue. As the training materials we will use T-kits, SALTO booklets, Compass, and Education pack. The training course will follow the non-formal education approach, principles and methods and will be based on participants' experience and exchange. All partners will be involved in preparation, implementation and evaluation and follow-up phase and activities during the training course. Project will have biggest impact on direct beneficiaries-participants who will further develop their skills in defining, planning, preparing and leading quality intercultural local and European level projects for inclusion. Also, there will be important impact on participating / partner organisations who will receive trained people and will be more capable and better equipped for developing of new local and European projects and partnerships for inclusion and intercultural dialogue. We expect the increased in number of youngsters that will get involved as volunteers in the partner organisations' activities, through increased quality of intercultural projects in communities, as long-term perspective of multiplying and sustainable impact. (Note: The translation of summary in Croatian language is attached as annex to this project application form.)


10 Participants partenaires