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"Стъпка по стъпка"
Date du début: 17 juin 2014, Date de fin: 25 déc. 2014 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Project " Step by Step" of the "Children with special needs " is a voluntary service of 20 Turkish youth who will live and work in Bulgaria two months. The main objective of the project is to raise awareness about our rights as European citizens and education of acquire practical knowledge and skills to tackle youth unemployment. The second main objective is to create conditions for the establishment of social equality and integration by fostering active participation in society of unemployed young people and young people with disabilities, development tyahtata tolerance and creativity. The Association provides this project be implemented active youth policy towards the acquisition of knowledge , skills and dissemination of information on ways and means of volunteering as a first step to address youth unemployment and awareness of our Europea citizenship.We plan volunteers to work in the local Vocational School " V.Dimitrov " in the form of courseware topic - Overcoming negative prejudices and discrimination against young people with disabilities and build tolerance of differences ; Preaching volunteering as philosophy  Through joint activities , the participants' attention will be focused on the acquisition of knowledge and skills by which to secure the interest of young people in the EVS and young people's access to all the options of the " Erasmus +" . To achieve these goals will help mostly working with youth workers - members of the association . Practical activities will provide refreshment and restoration of artefacts in the Museum of Mining is located in our town . Through voluntary work by volunteers and some of the students of PG - "Vasil Dimitrov" will strive to create a team realize the importance of their actions and the theory of volunteering in practice. The main activities planned for volunteering in two directions: - Discussions, meetings and debates on topics related to European citizenship and rights, European policies promoting EVS philosophy and explain the possibilities for development of the program. - Practical activities related to the restoration and renovation of the exhibits in the museum of mining and search for new ones. Will be held creative work groups that will participate in volunteer association members and students through innovative methods will provide exposure so as to be intriguing visitors. The afternoon session will be decorating and refurbishment of the exhibits in the museum. The program of activities included more and intercultural evenings , visiting cultural and historical sites , interactive games and more. Through the implementation of the project will demonstrate the unifying essence in solving various problems , and good teamwork and initiative displayed by the youth. Together working as a team , in an unconventional way , we will seek innovative approaches to solving problems related to youth engagement in time after school . In the activity will involve 20 volunteers from Turkey , 10 youth workers - members of the association and 30 interested youth from PG - "Vasil Dimitrov" - Madan . Volunteers will be accommodated in the hostel GORUBSO - Madan - AD who is a mining city and a major employer in the region. The company tolerates our activities as a party directly concerned by the goals we have set for ourselves .  We believe that through joint activities , young people will be trained to exchange ideas , to take responsibility , but also to provide actions. The events will receive publicity through press conferences at the official opening and closing of the project, T-shirts and manufacture and distribution of DVD movie project information with examples and ways of dealing with acceptance of diversity among young people with special needs.



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