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Stop techno addiction
Date du début: 20 oct. 2015, Date de fin: 19 avr. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Content / Background: Overuse and unconscious use of technology constitutes a great problem for the young firstly in our country and in all the world countries. The young are being isolated from the society while spending most of his time on internet and social network sites and through mobile phones and can’t discover skills. With this, the communication problems grow and these individuals become introverted and social. It will be possible for the young to become conscious about the use of technology with our project and to gain awareness about this topic. The objectives of our project: The overall objective of the project is to enable the young to be informed about the harms of the technology addiction and to become conscious users and increase communicational skills. Our specific objective is as follows: To raise awareness in the young about the harms of social network sites. To teach the young about their social responsibilities. To increase the self confidence of the young and enable them to express themselves well. To develop their communication with the families and other individuals. To teach the harms of the technology addiction To disseminate the good practices about the technology addiction To teach the young the fact that how the technology will contribute to the personal skills of the young The number and the profile of the participants: 39 participants and 6 leaders will participate in 3 countries. The age rage of our project has been determined as 16-30. Thus, there will a participants group with high potential of working. Some of the project participants are technology addicted, some are people who have nothing to with technology and some of them are from those who have had to be interested in technology due to professional obligations. Thus the project will find a chance of implementation on a wider mass and the objectivity of the work will increase. The methodology to be used and the description of the Activities: Within the project activities, posters and brochures will be prepared. With the participants, cultural night meeting games, experiments, NGO fair, group dynamism activities, interactive presentations, field visit, presentation of good practices, drama preparation and exhibit works, origamis which develop the manipulative skills, evaluation and reporting works, dissemination activities and preparation of project draft activities will be done. The methods to be used in these activities; games, ice-breakers, energizers, question and answer work, brainstorming, group work, individual works, learning by seeing and living, interactive presentations, exhibiting case study, discussion, producing product, carrying out experiment, survey. A short description of foreseen results and impacts: There will be a society learning to use the technology efficiently, getting rid of the addiction, keeping off being asocial by developing communication skills, expressing himself easily, developing his manipulative skills, learning to question himself and to compare, becoming conscious about reading books, paying attention to human relations. The young being informed about technology addiction, will do sample behaviors, will contribute to increasing awareness by sharing the knowledge and will be more beneficial individuals. The participants who participate in the project will develop their skills of expressing themselves, will learn to work with team spirit, they will be informed about the technology. Long term possible benefits: With our project, there will be a successful society with high motivation in long term by raising awareness in the young about using the technology, knowing to work with the team spirit, developing manipulative skills, expressing themselves more comfortably having overcome the communication problems, being happy individuals.



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