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“Stop Discrimination, Start Unification”
Date du début: 1 janv. 2016, Date de fin: 30 juin 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Migration is becoming a hot topic in Europe and it is increasing. European companies continue to experience various level of integration through the promotion of educational policies of multicultural character. In the first step you should create '' A Europe for the people " and explain to the youth the meaning of 'European citizenship', making citizens actively participate in Europe' s further development and heading. According to the forecasts of a famous sociologists Bauman, in the upcoming years will see "a billion people migrating to western civilizations", and this reveals a new challenge for the society: immigrants can be integrated into the community by sending the people the rules and principles of European citizenship and its values.Through the recognition of common values ​​we can bridge cultural differences and create a communication channel that helps immigrants to integrate. In an international framework, the need, to contribute a be convinced of thorough educative and cultural development of a Union, is getting stronger. Only in this way you can build a true dialogue and citizenship coexistence: fighting prejudice, intolerance and selfishness- which are causes typical that feed on ignorance, hatred and lack of knowledge ans especially fear of the other, the unknown. The central objective of this project is to encourage young people to become active citizens, at a time when the lack of interest and lack of information (or abundance of manipulative media information) are likely to plunge the younger generation in the hallway and civil intolerance. That's why participation in the dialogue between people and cultural exchange becomes central actions to form opinion of people who are able, through the system of representative democracy, to contribute to the progress of the Union, to have a clear vision of things positive and negative. We would like to discuss with our participants also the history of the European Union by providing them with the necessary knowledge to untangle the maze of administration EU so that they know and recognize the various structures, legal sources and administrative practices, besides the actual immigration topic. . The project will involve 35 youth caming from different countries : ITALIA, LATVIA, ROMANIA, TURCHIA E ESTONIA . The venue will be Cavallino, a small village in the province of Lecce , from 2 to 8 february 2016.



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