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Date du début: 1 août 2016, Date de fin: 31 juil. 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Borgund Vidaregåande Skole (Vocational Education) has for the last 13 years been an active participant of international projects, where mobility projects are one of them. This is both developing and very interesting projects for our students, our teachers, and the local industry in our surroundings. The school wishes to further develop our international work, focusing on the values described in the school's platform: PROUD. (STOLTE)Main areas for development in this project will be the process of understanding and gaining knowledge about the ECVET in our work with internationalization. Borgund VGS wishes to bring the international aspect into the work on “assessment for learning” an area of national focus in education. We believe that the close cooperation with occupational environments in Europe will add a new dimension to this work. In order to ensure evaluation and development in projects of international character, we will implement our international work into our Quality standard system. Our goal is to give our students experiences within international surroundings. We would like to give them the possibility to enter Europe in a work placement program, to gain personal development, increase their cultural understanding, as well as improve their skills in communication. The school wishes to strengthen their possibility to become Proud Professionals of the Future, and also focus on the values. During the schoolyear, all students will experience our international work. We are an active partner in different projects, and include our visitors in our school environment. Our international guests are to be seen both in the classrooms as well as in our common areasAs described in the application, the school wishes to send students in mobility projects to our partners in the United Kingdom, Denmark, Germany, France, Spain, and the Netherlands. We enjoy two new partners this year. These partnerships have come to life due to the need of recruiting and motivating students, especially within the subjects of Restaurant- and food processing, and design and craftsmanship. 133 student mobilities, accompanied by 22 adults, are to be conducted in a period of 2 years and in cooperation with our 13 partners on this project.Activities planned to for the mobilities are intended to be informative and raise expertise for all participants. We emphasize the students’ possibility to experience work placement in Europa as a safe and instructive part of their vocational education.A world that in many ways becomes smaller is a fact our students will experience first-hand trough traveling out of our borders. They will obtain knowledge on job options and the flow of labor in Europe. Most important is their contribution to better communication and understanding cultures and traditions gained by their experience. At the end of the project, our school hopes to have contributed to youngsters feeling of being «Proud Professionals for the future»!



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