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Stolte Fagfolk for Framtida 2015-2017!
Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Borgund Upper Secondary School has since 2003 been an active participant of the Leonard Da Vinchis mobility projects and other programs and partnerships. This has been interesting, stimulating and very positive experiences for students and staff. The regional industry, relevant to our study programs, has observed and gained interest in the international work and experience the students gain. The school would like this to continue to be part of the international mobility programs, and want to be able to offer this opportunity in years to come. The goal is to provide as many students, regardless of social background, an equal opportunity to travel through Europe and conduct their practice period of vocational education and also experience personal development, increase cultural understanding and improve their communication skills . This opportunity seen in the light of the local export-oriented industry is a very positive activity for students. Borgund VGS wants to strengthen students' abilities to be "Proud professionals for the future! " The Participants will be students of the second and third year of vocational education. Students who qualify for participation must show positive attitudes and be good representatives of their profession and our school. The school wants to maintain mobility opportunities with our existing partners in the UK, Denmark, Germany, France, the Netherlands and Spain as described in the application as a whole. Activities planned for the mobility periods are intended to be informative, this concerning culture, language and practical information. During their stay, the focus is on professional practice and skills from the curriculum. However, it is the personal development and skills of communication that will be most important for each student. Social activities and cultural performances will vary from different countries. It is important that the school provides this opportunity in a way that students feel it is a safe and good way to make new experiences abroad. It is not only through the deployment of exercising the various professions that students learn. In the process of preparing for an adventure in Europe, students’ personal development continues and the experience will hopefully also give students a memory for life. By traveling away from the local community, familiar surroundings at school and family youngsters learn a lot about themselves. They learn about cultural differences, language and communication. It’s a fact that the world is getting “smaller” and our student will experience this up close by a participating in a mobility project, working in another country within their own disciplines. Student will se the flow of labor in Europe, and they will be active contributors to better communication and understanding between different cultures and professional traditions in practice at a work place when they get apprenticeships and / or ordinary jobs after ended education. Occupational pride will probably be stronger with the expanding awareness these students have gained through their mobility experience. At the end of this project the school hopes to have contributed to youngsters feeling of being "Proud Professionals for the Future!”



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