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Štiavnica pre dobrovoľníkov, dobrovoľníci pre Štiavnicu
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Foundation Baden-Powell was created to support the Scout Movement in Slovakia. NBP has bought a historic building in the UNESCO town Banská Stiavnica, where it builds and operates scout house and hostel and campsite in the surrounding mountains. Members of the organization are based on the Scout values based on volunteering and activism, therefore, came to be involved in the rescue of the beautiful Baroque Calvary, the main symbol of Banska Stiavnica region, which has been seriously endangered. We started to organise volunteer camps on the site and since 2005 we started to host EVS volunteers. The renewal is after 7 years already in the second half of the reconstruction process. During this time, the EVS project gradually expanded, while we also launched other activities to assist development of the region and the local community. During the two years the project will host 6 volunteers aged 18-30 years from 2 program and two partner countries, and will be divided into 3 rounds, so that during the high summer season have to project at a time 4 volunteers and in winter 2. The duration of the first 2 rounds will be 12 months, and the last one will last 6 months. It is both with respect to the distribution of activities, both for better integration of new volunteers who are led by the established ones. Given the focus of the project we prefer volunteers with an interest in culture and history. EVS service will consist of the following six activities: 1) Info Center on Calvary - a guide for visitors 2) Assist in organisation of groups of volunteer 3) Support the creation and organizovanizácii events for community 4) Organisation of events on campsite and Scouthouse 5) Photo and video documentation of the Calvary restoration project and community activities 6) Personal project The activities consist of both, manual and intellectual dimension. Our ambition is to build a logistics operation and staffing of the new exhibit on Calvary, to care for the scout camp and scout house, to participate in the creation and organization of cultural events in the local community in particular, make photo and video documentation the restoration project and the benefits of volunteering (for promo and educational puproses) and space will also be on personal projects of volunteers. Educational Methods staff of the Foundation are informal, based on raising of motivation the issue and active involvement of volunteers. Supervised coordinators will build on the personal qualities of volunteers. NBP wants to be an example of civic activism. The project is designed to have a positive impact on the local community, partners and volunteers. Facilitating their participation we want to help the volunteers to become leaders of other projects in their homelands. The long-term aim is to generate know-how of the benefits of volunteering in the region and the international exchange of experiences and partnerships.



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