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Steps towards change
Date du début: 1 sept. 2011,

The project STEPS TOWARDS CHANGE involves 9 organisations from Europe, 3 from Asia, 3 from Africa and 3 from Latin America that host and send volunteers with fewer opportunities. All partner organisations are involved in EVS or other volunteering programmes. In each partner organisation, a team of 5 - 20 youth workers will work with a group of 10 - 30 young people with fewer opportunities, who are the target group of this project.The aim of the project is to motivate young people with fewer opportunities to make a step towards a positive change in their life.Through the project activities, the young people will gain new competences and become more active at local level and later at international level. Thus, they will be able to combat unemployment, poverty and social exclusion as well as improve the situation of their own community in the long run.The project also aims empowering the youth workers working with youth with fewer opportunities.The result of the project will be a stable and sustainable network of 18 organisations from Europe, Asia, Latin America and Africa, which are willing to host and send volunteers with fewer opportunities. Having had the volunteering experience at local level, the young people who have participated in this project, will be offered the opportunity to do voluntary service abroad. For sending the young people abroad as volunteers to one of the other 17 partner organisations, the sending organisation will use the SENDING KIT for preparation of the volunteer. The SENDING KIT will be disseminated among a network of local organisations working with youth with fewer opportunities.All partner organisations will take responsibility for 5 activities (called PARTNER STEPS) at local level, take part in 2 online video conferences and the project coordinator from each partner organisation will take part in an international training. The training will take place in Čadca, Slovakia from 26/2/2012 to 5/3/2012 and its aims are the evaluation of the progress of the project cooperation, planning next steps in the project and gaining new competences of the project coordinators in project management and working with youth with fewer opportunities.All partner organisations and the coordinating organisation KERIC will regularly update info about the project activities on the IT platform of the project and on the website and Facebook group of each partner.The project covers all priorities 1-4 and 6 and 7 of this call for proposals.



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