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Date du début: 1 juil. 2014, Date de fin: 30 juin 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

In Primera Group we aimed to become more integrated into the European space, improve the quality of educational services for our target groups of adult learners and expand existing educational services in the field of social and inclusive entrepreneurship. Mobility project Step has given the opportunity to our adult trainers to implement teaching and learning abroad. We set four key goals of the project: (1) develop at least four new programs of adult education with the help of fresh knowledge from abroad, (2) improve the competence of trainers to teach in a foreign language, (3) allow trainers to expand their personal network of international contacts, (4) increase the capacity of the organization to act in the international educational environment. All objectives were met. We achieved the objectives by implementing 12 mobilities. 4 mobilities were implemented as teaching assignments abroad, 8 mobilities were conducted as in-service trainings (one teaching assignment was changed into in-service training with pre-approval of CMEPIUS agency). Participants have several year of experience in adult training, nevertheless they needed a fresh perspective on andragogy in the field of innovation, social entrepreneurship, coaching and personal development. Moreover, in order to implement the European Development Plan the need to improve their abilities of teaching in a foreign language became evident. The specific knowledge is hardly available in Slovenia. All mobilities were accomplished in the project period of 2 years. A lot of effort was dedicated to the dissemination. We can highlight communication activities in three Facebook groups (with 800+, 900+ and 6.500 members each), posts on webpages (in Slovenian and English language), educational events for Slovenian participants and European teachers/trainers and work visits of two foreign mobility mentors in Slovenia (November 2014 and another one scheduled for September 2016). Accomplished project impact refers to new service development in the field of innovation and key competencies in adult training, expanding services to disadvantaged groups and raising awareness among employers about the importance of informal and non-formal learning. In the short-term, mobilities have brought new knowledge in organisation and integration of the new knowledge into existing adult trainings programmes. External trainers also used an opportunity to transfer the knowledge to their organisations.