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Date du début: 3 août 2015, Date de fin: 2 avr. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

STEP IN, INFORMAL IS NORMAL? is a seminar for youth workers, educators and youth leaders who are interested in thinking about and discussing the importance of recognition of informal learning’s and the achievement of competences by young people taking part in projects under the pogramme Erasmus+ "Youth in Action". The 41 participants of the 9 partners involved in this project have shared experiences related to the thematic of the seminar. They have created or participated in the preparation of strategies, researches, methodologies, resources and tools that contribute to the recognition of the informal learning’s within the programme, to its valorization, and to the creation of a method that helps young people with different learning backgrounds, difficulties in the formal education, absenteeism, drop outs, school failure, lack of self confidence to identify their learning’s, to think about them, to achieve competences and to increase their self confidence and learning capacities. The objectives of the seminar are: -To debate about different models of recognition of informal learning. - To discuss on the recognition of the competences gained through the informal learning. - To promote the transectorial cooperation in order to motivate the inclusion of young people with fewer opportunities in the educational field. - To show the results of the scientific research in the projects held in Anholt (Denmark) in 2011 and 2013. - To present and discuss the method and the applicability in the youth exchanges and other activities of the programme that improves informal learning’s and their recognitions in those young people with more learning difficulties within the formal education. - To make visible the importance of no formal education as a tool of equal opportunities and learning’s in any kind of young people. The seminar will be run through a participative methodology that will make easier the exchange of experiences, good practices, tools, resources and ideas, as well as that will contribute to a rich debate that allow a collection of information, training and didactic tools that facilitate the recognition of informal learning processes in the young people involved in the programme. The main objective of the seminar is to aware and provide tools to the different educational actors, entities and youth organizations, youth and educational policy makers and other people in charge of educational and youth issues about the recognition of the informal learning’s and the competences acquired from them in those youth collectives with different attitude towards the learning’s, specially young people with fewer opportunities, drop outs, school failures... in equal opportunities with other youngsters. To disseminate the outcomes of the seminar and the relevance of the "method" as an opportunity for the learning in the frame of the Erasmus + programme and "Youth in Action" activities.



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