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Step by step to go further
Date du début: 1 nov. 2014, Date de fin: 31 mai 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

"Step by step to go further" is an EVS project in sending that aims to give a concrete answer to Young people working future, trying to root out, if not permanently, at least predominantly, youth unemployment and social exclusion through volunteering experiences. Social exclusion is directly proportional to the lack of job prospects. Therefore, we will ensure that involved NGOs capitalize on young people potential, in order to determine an inclusive and sustainable growth. The inclusion of young people with fewer opportunities is the project turning point. In order to succeed in our intent, 18 Italian young people, and above all Sicilian, aged between 18 and 30 years old and involved in this volunteer experience, will contribute, among 9 NGOs in Latvia, Portugal, Albania, Greece, Spain, Turkey, Croatia, Poland, Bulgaria, to set up activities and support services for young people at high risk of social exclusion and high vulnerability in individual local contexts. The project target group is quite varied and diverse according as NGOs profiles and it refers to local young people with problems of integration into society, disabled hosted in facilities the Hosting Organizations are working with, local students and children. In particular, the activities, carried out during 6 months volunteering service, will give to target groups described above the opportunity to participate in all spheres of society to improve their employability and their progression prospects. Volunteers will be the first ones to benefit from the project in terms of expertise and personal professional, social and cultural growth. They will acquire a sense of responsibility that will drive them to new projects, new initiatives and, more generally, to a concrete commitment to civil society. For this reason we want to promote voluntary activities in Sicily, because where there is a lack of accredited EVS organizations that has devalued Sicilian Young people, it could be built a bridge to Europe and new opportunities for personal and professional growth. Similarly, we will ensure that Sicily will be drawn from island isolation and, through its young volunteers abroad, it will have the opportunity to get rid of the prejudices, such as “Mafia” and “crime”, that have trapped it for so long. In turn, the involved NGOs will have a role as stakeholders on local communities, including local institutions, political parties and related organizations, in order to give even more impetus and initiative to youth work enhancement and to promotion of youth policy, determining quantitatively and qualitatively: - More projects in the frame of young people employability; - More projects in the frame of volunteering; - more volunteers in supporting organization activities; - more relation between institutions and NGOs in the local area.



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