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STDs Youth Systematic Teamwork Educational Method
Date du début: 1 déc. 2015, Date de fin: 1 sept. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The applicant organization is Association “E.P.A.” (Bosnia and Herzegovina), while other partner organizations are from: Serbia, Italy, Montenegro, Turkey, Ukraine, Croatia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Macedonia and Estonia.The main idea of the project is to gather 33 practitioners in the youth work field, who are involved in supportive psycho-social activities with young LGBT people and other vulnerable youth groups, and train in VCT and out-reach HIV/AIDS prevention by covering the essential medical and psycho-social aspect in HIV/AIDS and other STDs prevention. The main activities within the project are: preparation meeting; the first mobility activity - 7 day training in Brčko at the end of February 2016; online learning; the second residential mobility activity - 9 day training in Novi Sad at the end of July 2016. It will be conducted by experienced youth workers and HIV/AIDS practitioners; specifically, one specialist for psycho-social work within HIV/AIDS prevention and HIV+ population; one medical specialist and one specialist in out-reach activities.The project addresses the issue of increased number of HIV infected, especially among youth. The current number of HIV infected young people is increasing by the yearly rate of 8%; while the percentage of those who are infected and aged 15-24 is 10.56%. Young people often avoid official institutions and available health and social protection services due to the fear of being socially excluded and bullied, which hinders their capacity to protect themselves and lead a fulfilled and quality life. Therefore, the specific objectives of the project are: (1) to improve knowledge, skills and attitudes of youth workers in the field of HIV/AIDS prevention, (2) to educate youth workers in implementing Out-reach activities in this field in their local communities, (3) to establish the functional platform for future communication, support and exchange of knowledge and experiences within the youth workers in this field who are active in the partner organizations and their networks, (4) promote positive changes in youth’s norms related to sexual expression in order to prevent infection with HIV and other STDs. The methodology used is combination of informal and non-formal activities, based on the principles of experiential and accelerating learning; while the training programme is designed in respect of the human rights based approach, the principles of youth work and social education. It is expected for the participants to boost their knowledge, skills and attitudes in the field of HIV/AIDS prevention and support, and more specifically to be able to plan, organize and implement the out-reach HIV/AIDS prevention activities in their local communities; and to contribute to the improvement of the situation in their local, regional and international levels through cooperation and exchange with their colleagues in European region.