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Staże zagraniczne atutem kształcenia uczniów Zespołu Szkół Zawodowych w Jastrzębiu-Zdroju
Date du début: 31 déc. 2015, Date de fin: 30 déc. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project concerns allowing 4 groups of future hairdressers, electricians and locksmiths to undergo a period of training in EU countries. Each group will have 16 students and 2 teachers. We intend to enable to 2 groups of hairdressers and two mixed groups of locksmiths and electricians. The hairdressers will undertake their training in Derry (UK) One of the mixed groups (8 electricians and 8 locksmiths) will go to Braga (Portugal) and the second mixed group will go to Leipzig (Germany). The main aim of the „ Foreign Training as a chance for students of Vocational School in Jastrzebie-Zdrój” Programme is to enable students to undertake the 14 days of training in EU countries. This training will help them to accomplish the specific objectives such as: perfecting the command of foreign language, getting to know the culture of foreign countries and getting acquainted with the assets of the european dimension in education. This internship will also help the students to gain the competences in the field of hairdressing , electrical engineering and iron-working. The inernship will also enable the students to develop their personal sphere, by rising their self-esteem. They will also have to learn how to be independent. By observing other people from different culture they will have to adjust to different habits and they will socialize with others. By observing how people work in other countries they will gain the necessary experience that will result in the future. Far-sighted aim is to reduce the number of graduates who later have difficulties in finding a place to work. By this specialised internship we want to make the students to be more appreciated by the future employers. All our actions in terms of this project will start in Poland. A special Planning Team will be established. It will include: the Director of the school and the Coordinator. Special office services concerning the financial issues will also be provided ( Workers of the school and the accountant).The recruitment to the Project will be based on clear procedures and rules of applications that will be available on the school’s website. Each mobility will be followed by a thorough language training adequate to the individual needs of the students. The mobilities will take place according to the schedule set with the Partners – Braga mob, North West Academy and Vitalis. The role of the Vocational School in Jastrzębie-Zdrój as a sending organisation will be mentoring and care over the students , monitoring their progress and a continuous evaluation and a direct cooperation with the supervisors (teachers) in order to optimise the educational process. After finishing a single internship each and every student will receive a document – Mobility Europass , a certificate of finishing a foreign language course and another paper confirming the foreign internship ( it will be issued by the Partner with a detailed list of competences gained during the internship). In accordance with all these documents every participant can create a CV based on the Europass. The Employers of these young workers will also receive a special documents that will state that their young workers constantly improve the quality of the services. After the comeback of each group a special meeting will be held. Not only the students but all people involved ( Employers, Teachers, the Director, and members of the local government ) will be present. The students will share their impressions and perceptions. They will also present the extent of gained skills and competences. All the documents mentioned above will be received. After the comeback of each group a partial evaluation will be carried out. At the end the whole project will be evaluated and the final report will be done.



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