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Stáže v Německu pro žáky Střední průmyslové školy v Kutné Hoře
Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Internships in Germany for Vocational High School in Kutna Hora Our application was prepared on the basis of our previous cooperation and the successful realization of projects organiized with WBS Training AG in Germany. This time we focused on web design and renewable sources of energy. The project was designed for two of our principal study programmes at the technical high school – Electrical Engineering and Information Technology. The students participated in a two-week internship at WBS Training AG. The first flow took place at the branch of our German partner organization in Berlin from 22 November to 5 December 2015 (Web design), and the second training held in Hamburg from 10 to 23 April 2016 (Renewable Energies). In the first flow, sixteen students and one accompanying teacher participated, in the second flow, eighteen students and one teacher participated. In the process of project implementation, we followed the division of project roles which had proved successful in the past. Our partner secured a high-quality programme, tutors, and the support of the participants (accommodation, meals, accompanying programme). We implemented the selection of students, informed their parents and provided the needed support. We also chose and sent a supervising teacher. The participants also took part in language preparation (English) in our school. As a novelty this year, we applied the ECVET assessment method, utilized from the start of the project preparation to the end of the flows when we issued Europass Mobility to the participants. There were two main activities within the project scope. More specifically, twofirst-rate training programmes were defined according the the learning units which were the students familiar with and thus were able to prepare for the programme in advance. Web design programme included planning a web project, interface specification, technical knowledge regarding the creation of a website, knowledge of the use of modern programming languages and integration tools in the modern web development. Apart from technical skills and knowledge, the participants had to prove their ability to develop a high-quality website for a target customer and the ability to draw up a business plan and calculate the expenses. Eventually, the students were selling their website, although only in theory – they presented their results as if they were presenting their product and services to the target customer. The participants of the second internship gained professional competencies in renewable sources of energy, especially in the field of wind power and solar energy. The programme included learning units devoted to the types of turbines and their practical use, to measuring the efficiency and the noise level of wind power plants, and also to solar panels, their practical use and the calculations of their efficiency. The programme also included practical excursions to wind farms, a pumped-storage power plant, and a solar power station. We perceive the main impact of the project primarily in students’ acquiring professional skills and knowledge, improving their linguistic skills (English, German) as well as technical language, gaining work experience abroad, getting to know the job market and gaining an awareness of the employers’ requirements, new insights and their self-confidence as well as their motivation for further personal development. And last but not least, through the implementation of the project, the school’s reputation is improving, the offer and quality of study is increasing, and the newly-acquired pieces of knowledge are to be transferred into our own teaching. A long-term contribution for our school is the intensification of the cooperation. Since it has already proved successful, we believe it will continue to develop in the same manner.

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