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Date du début: 31 déc. 2015, Date de fin: 30 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Fundacja Aktywne Społeczeństwo wants to give an international dimension of education through foreign staff and youth training. The project is to support the educational process of the students and to make vocational improvement easier for the teachers. The present model of vocational education does not follow the employers’ requirements and expectations. The former pupils who leave school are not sufficiently prepared to start working professionally. The employers complain that the graduates do not have basic skills and they have to put a lot of effort and money to train their young employees. The employers say that the graduates lack creativity, openness to changes and weakness of language skills. If the efforts of schools and employees were joined, it would be possible for the students to decrease the gap between theory and practice and let them start in life much more easily. This is the only possible direction for the future of their lifelong learning. To ensure high quality of education at the workplace, one needs cooperation of teachers, employers, their associations, educational authorities, the students and their parents. It calls for greater trust and cooperation in the development of educational programs and recognition of qualifications acquired in the workplace. The main objective of the project is to increase the mobility of staff and young people, extend the competences and gain experience that will help them find their way in the future in a competitive job market. That is why, we plan to organize work placements for students. The project involves the departure of group of students (30 people) for a two-weeks of training to Greece. Student internships will help in a better preparation of students for the profession: they will be more fluent in speaking a foreign language, more cooperative in an international team, and more open to new experiences. There will be potential long-term benefits resulting from the project such as the reduction of unemployment in the region, caused by the good preparation of graduates to enter the labor market and a competent and experienced teaching staff. Other benefits are improving the effectiveness of teaching vocational subjects, improving the quality of vocational education in schools and increasing the availability of foreign work placements for students. Gaining international experience by both the teachers and the students will be crucial for their personal and professional development and for the increase of the attractiveness at the labor market.



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