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Staż zagraniczny drogą do europejskich kompetencji zawodowych
Date du début: 31 déc. 2015, Date de fin: 30 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The „TRAINEESHIP ABROAD AS A WAY TO EUROPEAN PROFESSIONAL COMPETENCE” Project has been prepared for students of ZSP (Upper-Secondary School Complex) in Bierutów learning to become agribusiness technicians and IT specialists. They learn full-time in four-year vocational high school teaching students in the areas of agribusiness and Information Technology to take over family farms of different agricultural production capacity and intensity (agribusiness technicians) and find employment in firms or companies with IT infrastructure. That requires qualifications that can be gained in our school as well as the ability of transferring good European practices into Polish agricultural market or making use of them in the labour market (agribusiness companies or computer companies). Our students need to enter EU markets with the purpose of mutual trade exchange, introducing new technologies, and exchanging information. The school makes learning more attractive to reduce early school leaving of youngsters who have to reach a necessary professional competence level and who have to have job satisfaction and satisfaction from gaining new experience to see the point of professional development, which encourages planning further education and professional career. It is really important for achieving the education target of reducing early school leaving. It is also important to foster proper attitudes which trigger the necessity of further education and lifelong learning to reduce unemployment. Our Project will contribute to the achievement of: the development of professional competence concerning labour market, agribusiness entrepreneurial skills and using digital technologies in the area of agriculture in 12 students through mobility learning during vocational placement (Portugal, March/April 2016), the development of professional competence concerning labour market, as well as competences regarding fault detection, hardware maintenance and computer networks maintenance in 12 students through mobility learning during vocational placement (Portugal, March/April 2016), establishing the image of a Polish student as a future employee or a business partner on a European market through gaining a high level of professional competence, improving the quality and attractiveness of vocational training by fostering innovation in education, mobility, and international cooperation of stakeholders, promotion of openness to lifelong learning, enhancing the effectiveness of language learning and teaching, promoting linguistic diversity based on the example of English language, development of international networking. The Project enables students to benefit from a nonstandard form of vocational placement to gain extensive experience in the agricultural and IT sectors. The students will be motivated to study and they will be competitive on the domestic as well as European labour market where their competences will be recognized thanks to Europass. Project activities: cooperation with the CASA DA EDUCAÇÃO Partner Company in Portugal; the Company ensures suitable placement offers, the information campaign directed at students, their parents and the local community, selecting participants, linguistic preparation (English – a course, phrasebooks, dictionaries) and cultural preparation, insurance, preparation of documents – IDs, passports, travel arrangements, completing placements by 24 students and obtaining the Europass documents, learning about Portugal through cultural and vocational trips, summing up the Project – evaluation, assessment of language competence, informing the local community and media, report on the achievement of the objectives, a final conference. The person who represents ZSP in Bierutów as an applicant organization is the Principal of the school. The school and local community will be informed about the Project, its implementation and its effects. The participants will transfer their European experience to Poland. They will take the broader view of agriculture, Information Technology, education, and intercultural contacts. We will disseminate our achievements as well as the values on which the EU is based, the principles of respecting human dignity, freedom, equality, human rights and understanding of cultural diversity. The coordinators will support others willing to implement EU projects with their knowledge and experience.



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