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Staż w gastronomii z wykorzystaniem ECVET gwarantem uzyskania europejskich kwalifikacji zawodowych- Praktyki zawodowe w przedsiębiorstwach w Austrii
Date du début: 31 déc. 2015, Date de fin: 30 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project „ Internship in catering using ECVET obtain a guarantor of European qualifications- Apprenticeships in companies in Austria” targets 22 gastronomy students studying in vocational school „Centrum Wspierania Szkół-Sp.z.o.o located in Małopolska. It is sometimes the fact that schools of our region are not able to ensure European-quality conditions, therefore the School Support Centre has taken action to improve the educational situation of these areas. Students are to participate in an European project within the “Erasmus Plus” program which will enable them to become highly-qualified workers through their mobility in Austria. The demand for well-qualified gastronomy workforce from local and regional gastronomy and hospitality establishments combined with the shortage of such workers makes the project especially timely. It gives the participants the opportunity to get training in specializing companies in Austria (Carinthia) which enables them to develop required skills and acquire knowledge thanks to the implemented system named ECVET. The project provides opportunities to students who might be endangered with social exclusion or being pushed to the social margin due to their poor living conditions. Throughout the project the sending institution together with the partners abroad will monitor and keep register of students’ progress made with ECVET. They will also evaluate and note down the knowledge, skills and qualifications acquired during the participants’ mobility in Austria (27.07-25.08.2015). The project for gastronomy student training in Austria will involve the following: - a four-week training of 22 participants in small and medium-sized companies in Austria which will provide them with new professional skills and qualifications; - implementing the European Credit System for Vocational Education and Training; - developing the abilities of gastronomy students through apprenticeship in foreign firms and enterprises and consequently gaining benefits and influence at present and in the future; - underlining the importance of innovative ideas especially in smaller and medium-sized companies in order for the participants to understand the employers’ requirements for jobseekers; - supporting open-minded and creative solutions and developing a positive attitude towards systematic and continuous personal and professional development; - broadening and consolidating co-operation between educational institutions and smaller enterprises and social partners in order to achieve a common purpose of educating a highly-qualified future worker in gastronomy; - promoting among students the immense support provided by the European Educational Project “Erasmus Plus” in students’ educating and training combined with youth mobility to gain the best qualifications possible, which in future will result in getting satisfactory jobs and reducing youth unemployment; - improving language and cultural competence as well as professional skills and qualifications thanks to international experience acquired abroad; - supporting the educational institutions in becoming quality, innovative and international establishments; - developing skills connected with enterprising and Information and Communication Technology; The project will have a long-term and broad effect on student development and will contribute to: - elimination of unemployment among young people of economically-unprivileged regions; - acquiring key skills like using a foreign language (German and English); - maintaining social contacts and adjusting to new conditions resulting in the possibility to learn co-existence and working with people of different nationalities; - developing close relationship with Austrian companies for the students to be able to leave and work in them; thanks to these actions skills and qualifications will be upgraded which will consequently lead to successful employment for the apprentices. - Greater awareness of different audiences. Through the implementation of our project we want to reach out to as many people who would like to participate in similar projects in the framework of the Erasmus +.



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