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Staż uczniowski potwierdzeniem kompetencji i umiejętności
Date du début: 31 déc. 2014, Date de fin: 30 déc. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project ‘’Traineeship confirmation of skills and competence’’ was an integral part of vocational training allowing the students to acquire new job related skills, enhance their employability after they leave school and get acquainted with the European Labor market and the opportunities it gives to the learners of Zespół Szkół Energetycznych ( ZSEn) in Lublin. The project has met the objectives of Erasmus + program such as strengthening employability and equipping young people with new skills and competence expected by employers and preventing social exclusion. The participants were also given the opportunity to get familiar with the European work standards. The projects aimed at enhancing career prospects and work force mobility by providing its participants with Europass certificate recognized in EU countries . The students could also improve their competence in using foreign languages. Furthermore the projects allowed young people coming from underprivileged background to go abroad for the first time ,to a European country and use that experiences for their personal development. The aims of the project were in line with the national requirements included in the strategies for Lublin region such as: building new quality of skills and knowledge, modern forms of teaching , constructing modern system of vocational education and training. It also provided an excellent opportunity to introduce innovations in the field of vocational training, general and technical foreign language teaching not only from the students’ perspective but also from the teachers’ . The number of participants was 22, out of which 16 took part in traineeship in England and 6 in Germany. The participants were the third form students aged 18 of the following vocational lines: IT technician, electrician, power energy technician, renewable energy systems technician. The tasks resulting form the project execution were shared by Zespół Szkół Energetycznych and the receiving partners. ZSEn was in charge of: participants recruitment ,preparing and signing mobility agreements with the participants, linguistic and cultural preparation, arranging transport from Lublin to Portsmouth and to Drezno ( purchase of tickets), participants insurance, providing teachers taking care of the group during mobility and cooperation with the receiving partners throughout the project period, monitoring the project execution and if necessary taking corrective actions, assessing professions and personal development of Erasmus + participants, project evaluation and in cooperation with the receiving partners issuing certificates conforming the acquired skills ( Europass mobility ), dissemination and exploitation of the results of ZSEn participation in Erasmus+. Training Vision Ltd. and Europa – Direkt e. V. were in charge of: providing board and accommodation, local transport, care and supervision over the trainees, introduction of participants to new living and working environment, arranging work placement in accordance with the training program and Erasmus + objectives, in cooperation with the sending organization carrying out evaluation, executing cultural program according to the agreement, issuing documents confirming acquired skills and knowledge ( Europass Mobility ) , cooperation with the sending organization throughout the whole traineeship period and results dissemination, The results of the project execution: new job related skills acquired by students, obtaining Europass mobility certificate recognized in EU countries and increased language competence. Due to participation in the projects students have had the opportunity to verify their knowledge in practice in the European market. The traineeship allowed them to compare companies operation in Polish, English and German markets but first of all it has strengthened their employment opportunities both at home and abroad. Additionally participation in the project has been motivating for further self – improvement thorough life long learning and taking advantage of non -formal informal learning.

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