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Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The early abandonment of school is due to various reasons. Poverty, economic hardships, economic compulsion, the lack of a decent standard of living create a negative background for attending school. Other reasons are poor performance at school, negative experiences such as bullying, unsurpassed learning difficulties, lack of special education and compensational teaching, the impersonal and cold reality of the educational system, the educational level of the family, the social surroundings, and various social stereotypes. - Which is the result of the abandonment of the school by students? The creation of groups of vulnerable, uneducated children who are prone to exploitation, child work, juvenile criminality, deviant behavior, social marginalization and exclusion. - Which is the aim of the project? Studying/understanding of this phenomenon and the development of strategies to contain and restrict the early school abandonment by students. With the help of this project students will: - be exposed to different learning methods and strategies - be trained to find and use different sources of information, - become aware of the negative results of early school leaving - learn new productive methods to connect with the school and create a strong sense of belonging in the school setting. With the help of this project teachers and school/staff will: - develop ICT skills, with the creation of databases and a website - learn to work together in a collaborative way with teachers and pupils from across the partner schools - develop team leadership and project management skills - put into practice new techniques and methods of working/teaching - develop new approaches to ESL How do we hope to achieve all of these goals? We want to develop different activities and share their final products, which can be used in order to help people who are directly or indirectly concerned in ESL (teachers, students, authorities, school psychologists and counselors, social workers), e.g.: - Good practice guide: Making school more attrative - Education and career guidance /helping students to choose better decisions - Helping parents to help their children brochure - Blogs, wikis and website will be published for sharing all the events of the project - artistic/graffiti production How many people will be involved in this project? Almost 4000 people, between teachers, students, parents, school psychologists, social workers,... All of our activities and products will be published in an official website project for five years and the brochures we want to make will be given to parents, authorities and another schools . That way, we hope that our project can make people reflect on ESL.



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