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Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The proposed action intends to spread the entrepreneurship around the EU, with a VET training course based on needs of the EU young people, characterized by innovation, creativity and certified contents. Today, the economic crisis around Europe have created a widespread sense of disappointment, especially in the new generations that are increasingly resigned to accept works without carrier expectations. The proposed training course, supported by a very qualified partnership, composed by 3 high schools, 1 language school and 2 technological parks, intends to overcome this situation by teaching a new entrepreneurship idea based on actions and creative thinking. The partners have carried out a survey in their countries about entrepreneurship training courses, checking all potential critical areas. The analysis results can be summarized as following : • The “self-made-man” thinking is not included in the professional courses around the EU; • Some traditional teaching methods are ineffective; • In many courses the “entrepreneurship on field” is not valorized sufficiently; • In many cases, the corporate world is not sufficiently involved in the training courses; The proposed action intends to address and resolve all these problems by creating an high level training course for the creation of three professionals : start-upper, innovation manager and network manager. The main goal of this course is the creation of a new generation of managers for the new generation of enterprises (unstructured, multicultural, innovative and oriented to problem solving). The course, lasting 18 months, will be structured so that one-third of the teaching activity is carried out at the same time in each of the three partner countries and the remaining two thirds are made of common with a dedicated e-learning platform. The project’s target groups are the young people who have obtained a high school diploma and young people attending the last year of high school. The course will be made in CLIL mode. The proposed project’s actions will be detailed as the following: • the preparation of a feasibility study to analyze and detail the EU situation in this context; • the planning of the course with a pilot course (test)with 45 students; • the organization of workshops in high schools in the partner countries; • the creation of an advanced e-learning training platform; The training course will generate innovative training materials used as a course manual: video and audio (mp3 and mp4 files), Apps, interactive online games, tutorials, live streaming, etc. These materials will be available in English, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian and Polish and will be accessible to anyone on the training platform. The proposed action’s impact for students will be the acquired skills and the new potential career paths, whereas the long-term benefits of the project will be the reduction of the “thinking” gap between high schools and enterprises.



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