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Start-Up Machine
Date du début: 1 août 2016, Date de fin: 31 janv. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project "Start-Up Machine" is a multilateral youth exchange under the Erasmus + framework which will be held in the town of Eforie Nord, Constanta county, Romania between 01 – 11 September 2016. During 11 days, 35 young people, between 18 and 30 years old and 7 leaders with no age limit coming from different countries (Bulgaria, Italy, Poland, Spain, Turkey and Romania) will meet in order to share experiences, learn and focus on concrete actions for the promotion of creativity and social entrepreneurial spirit among young people.Each country will be represented by 5 young people and 1 group leader excepting Romania whom will have 10 young people and 2 group leader; this is necessary for a better organization and implementation of the project.The aim of this project is in correlation with the priorities of Erasmus + and is represented by desire to increase awareness on the need to develop the entepreneurial spirit, and increase the skills and competencies in the field of social entrepreneurship for 35 young people aged between 18 -30 years under the guidance of 7 group leaders coming from the 6 participating countries for 10 days youth exchange. It is also worth mentioning that among the 32 young participants (excluding the group leaders) we want to integrate at least 14 young people (40% of participants) belonging to vulnerable groups fewer opportunities in terms of economic / social / educational / geographic / cultural and / or young Roma), which emphasizes social inclusion component of the project.The specific objectives that will lead to the accomplishment of the project "Start Up Machine" are the following:SO1. Raising awareness of 42 participants from the EU on the need to develop entrepreneurship.SO2. Raising the level of knowledge and skills in social entrepreneurship of the 42 participants of this youth exchange.SO3. Raising the level of knowledges necessary to set up a social enterpriseSO4. Sketching business plans for development of social enterprisesSO5. Encouraging and developing the solidarity and tolerance among young participants to facilitate social cohesion in the European Union.SO6. Setting up a strategic partnership between the promoters of this project.Specifically, during this youth mobility we intend to simulate setting up social enterprises and drafting business plans feasible to develop these companies in the current European context. Through the activities listed above, our project meets certain cneeds and standing among young people; among their needs we can include: access to information, the need for involvement and active participation, tolerance, solidarity, awareness of the importance of developing entrepreneurial initiatives in the current economic context, the need to have a job, etc.Also, due to the knowledge / skills they will acquire in this mobility, we want the young participants to put into practice business plans initiated in the activities by developing small social enterprises, which will have an impact later in their communities.For a successful project we proposed the following working methods: knowledge games/self konowledge, evaluative games, integrative methods, storyboard, teamwork, brainstorming, discussions/debates on different subjects, teambuilding, intercultural observations.The project activities are aimed to engaging young people through active participation, which is a priority in the "Erasmus +" framework. Also, it will be facilitated intercultural exchange, exchanging ideas, sustaining dialogue; organized tasks so that each participant will have the opportunity to come into contact with a different culture. The participants will be taught, as a result of participation in this exchange, to understand better their role in society and in the future of Europe because they will learn about the need for the development of entrepreneurship in order to create new opportunities and involvement in economic and social area.At the end of the youth exchange, each participant will receive a Youthpass certificate. This will recognise the acquired skills through participation in this project.The monitorisation of the implementation of the project will be achieved through the contribution of participants, the results of an interim and a final evaluation.We also propose that this project will have a positive impact in all aspects on the participants and we hope to arouse the desire of participants to be actively involved in the community and in future "Erasmus +" projects. Thus, we want participants involved in this exchange to become promoters of "Erasmus +" Programme. They will have the opportunity to promote the resulting methods, ideas and skills acquired in this project in their future participation in various activities of the program.



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