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Starptautiska profesionālā pieredze - vārti uz labklājību
Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

ACCORDING TO the Project " Starptautiska profesionālā pieredze - vārti uz labklājību / International vocational experience – gate of prosperity„ in 2016, international practice has have for 8 teachers and 30 students (6 carpenters, 9 car mechaniks, 8 tourism and 8 restoran service specialty students) from Kuldiga Technology and tourism technical school. They have practice in two enterprises in Germany, one in Sweden, for in Italy, three in Finland, tree in UK , and one in Slovakia. The aim of this Project is to help improve and get better knowledges for the beginners student who study in our school, get experience, don’t let early desert from school , motivating them through the Project, give them opportunities to explore the inovative competences in the European work labor. The experience elevate their level of knowledges and let them acquire inovation competences and extend understanding about profession that couches continuing of school, and to get successful education due to earn graduation diploma for the school. The second aim of the Project is through the Exchange of experience in modern and stable Professional education establishment Jyväskylä Educational Consortium, in Finland, in BBS Lingen –gewerbliche Fachrichtungen , Germany and in Panevežy vocational training centre, Lithuania, to raise the level of Professional competences, to be adequate for nowadays requirements. For teachers are necessary sustained development, in order to teach students who study the profession. We are planning: 1. To provide opportunity for participant get useful knowledge, skills and qualification, to improve personal development, opportunities in work labor and participation on it. 2. Through students and teachers practice, give knowledge and international experience for all development of our school. To increase interactivity of Professional education and individual mobility. The second aim of the Project is support system of Professional educational system , the improvement of quality in establishment and apprenticeship and rise Professional education and teaching compliance labor market necessities. The target group is 30 students from Kuldiga Technology and tourism technical school and 8 professional subject’s teachers. The project is necessary i n oder to get experience and knowledges about Educational system in Europe. Time of implementation is 2016 spring/summer, according possibilities to partner organization opportunities.



9 Participants partenaires