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Starfsnám starfsmanna Fjölsmiðjunnar
Date du début: 1 janv. 2016, Date de fin: 30 juin 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The purpose of this project is to get to know our role model Production school in Denmark. Fjölsmiðjan is a workplace for young people 16-24 years old where they can choose from 6 different departments to work on. They work in Fjölsmiðjan from 2 to 24 months but it is assumed that they are not more than 2 years.We hope to get more experience, increase our knowledge and the success of our students. It is very important for the employees of Fjölsmiðjan to get to know and connect to other individuals working in the same field. We aim on establishing a new division with focus on Art & Music, where the Danish schools are doing very well. Also we can bring our experience and knowledge to Denmark and introduced our job.Many of the young people that work in Fjölsmiðjan and AFUK are youngsters that have fewer opportunities in their life. Some of them are struggling in academic learning but find them selves in practice where creative talent are dominated. Some of them have have been addicted to drugs, while others are socially isolated. But they are all working in Fjölsmiðjan and AFUK to get assistance to get back on track again. Family are very uneven, ranging from having good support from parents to a completely impartial and therefore have to stand completely on their own. They all get help from social services or child welfare. Once they have achieved good control of their lives, it is the role of Fjölsmiðjunnar to assist them to return to school or employment.Participants in the project are 12. There are six from Iceland and six from Denmark. Four employees are are mentors for the younger ones. Eight employees are living with fewer opportunities. The project are only 3 days so we will our visits will remain to follow and get to know the work in Denmark and we will tell them what we are doing in Iceland. We get a presentation from AFUK staff and from the places we visit and they will show us around. We expect employees of Fjölsmiðjan and AFUK utilize the lesson of this journey. They see the opportunities that project like this can give them. To increase their self-confidence and identity and will be able to communicate with others. Also, we expect that employees of Fjölsmiðjan can teach the Danish what we are doing in our work. Learning and experience are supposed to be on both sides. By going to Denmark we will be more able to compare our working habits with other people in the same field as we are. Considering that Fjölsmiðjan is the only organization of its kind in Iceland. We also hope that our visit will establish a relationship that will help us to be able to visit organization abroad.



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