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Star Gazy Sustainable Health
Date du début: 15 août 2015, Date de fin: 14 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The overall aim of this project is, to give young people with fewer opportunities self-perception and self esteem. A most necessary a push for them to take action for their future, and so, the whole project and all the activities will be related to the effects of our actions and the power of changing small attitudes. With this project we see an important contribution to educate and sensibilisate the young people as well as the local community on both ends (sending and hosting). The current topics are very much related to the daily work Point Europe does in the local area. The topics are issues which are a common concern of the partners Point Europa, Villa Elba and the Arbeiterkammer Tirol. This EVS projects are a intervention and support for partner and local community challenges and issues. The project will partitioned three projects which will take part in Cornwall/Cawsand England. Every project will host four volunteers from Austria and 2 from Finland, working together over a month with our partner organisation POINT EUROPA. "Star Gazy Sustainable" will give young people with fewer opportunities the chance to work together with a local team to plant an area of unused land with fruits, vegetables and herbs. The overall aim of this project is, to give young people with fewer opportunities the possibility of a volunteering professional cultural and personal experience. Star Gazy Health will give the youngsters the opportunity to work with their general condition of their body and mind with reference to soundness and vigor. Physical health but also mental health have been the basis for active living campaigns and refer to the youngsters cognitive and emotional well-being. With the results of the first project “Star Gazy Sustainable” they will work on their physical health, means regular physical activity and good nutrition (with harvesting and processing the food which was planted). They will learn something about healthy living and to work in a team but also environment, culture and social services will be explained and thought as a wider issue by both projects. And all this learning then will together with the well known chef Jerome Leopold brought to the local community through cooking sessions in the community centre! Star Gazy Boat has its fame and acknowledgement all around Europe since several years. To renovate and restore an old turn-of-the- 19th/20th century fishing boat in the small seaside village in SE Cornwall, England will be the content of the project Star Gazy boat XI (!!!!). More than 8 STAR GAZY BOAT PROJECTS have been realized the last years. Each of them should be described as an outstanding success, for the young people, for the benefit of the communities and the improvement of quality in the Rückenwind strategy. As an important part of the personal development process designed, the volunteers will have time to work on preparing their own micro-project to raise local awareness. Star gazy sustainable, star gazy health and Star Gazy boa XI will involve the local community, what should have the result that the local community will get the European feeling and a better understanding of being an European and the volunteers will have to do some research, they’ll have to design the project and carry out all the logistics involving local partners. The volunteers will work together, across language barriers, to create something valued and important together. A great chance to build some solidarity and positive group dynamics. Suitable supervision and training will always be in place, but the volunteers will also be called upon, perhaps for the first time in their lives, to take a responsible role in a piece of work, relying on other people and with others equally reliant on them. The volunteers will learn new skills and competencies in the task areas outlined in the work programme. In addition they will learn how to communicate across cultures and work together in a cohesive multicultural team. They will also learn a sense of community and belonging, with the assurance that the work they achieve is highly respected and celebrated.The Short Term EVS Project will gather together volunteers from different countries to work together and devolpe their personal profiles. Meeting and working with youngsters from different countries, cultures and backgrounds willl raise positive awareness of other cultures among the volunteers but it will also be an important opportunity for the local community to get in touch with other cultures and behave in tolerance and with an open-mind towards people from different countries sharing the idea of common Europe. The volunteers will meet and share tasks and time with local youngsters broading the backgrounds and procedence and making a contribution towards dialogue and understanding. Considering we are dealing with youngsters with fewer opportunities we will work on the basis of the person we see in front of us and not paying attention to prejudices.



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