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Stanica - Open Cultural Space 2015/2016
Date du début: 1 août 2015, Date de fin: 31 janv. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Truc sphérique is NGO founded in 1998 that operates Stanica - the cultural node of contemporary arts and cultural/social activities based in the building of local railway station Žilina-Záriečie in Slovakia. Stanica´s activities include presentations of all-genres of arts (concerts, dance and theatre performances, screenings, exhibitions), discussions, workshops and educational activities, development of the urban area, young people (both artists and audience) and their creative and engaged involvement in the intercultural dialogue and social interaction. Main aim of this project is an integration of three volunteers in our organization, engaging and deepening their already existing skills and abilities and at the same time, establishing new practical, as well as theoretical knowledge and competences gained during twelve months in the environment of independent cultural venue. The volunteers will become members of multifunctional team and will participate in permanent mutual teaching and learning process which is happening among all its members - related to various areas of work in the field of NGO cultural sector. One circle of volunteers' activities will be help with preparation and realization of cultural events (PR, planning, communication with guests, artists, audience, photo documentation, etc) and educational programme for children and adults. Active participation of the volunteers will play significant role in success of this EVS project since the other part of the activities are largely dependant on their personal initiative. The volunteers will have opportunity to develop creative activities meaningful for the hosting organization and whole community and in return will gain priceless experience from the environment of progressive cultural institution. After all, a year spent in our organization can help them to realize and find their future direction on labour market - but even more important - in life. EVS project in Stanica usually makes a big impact on the individual experiencing this kind of long-term volunteer residency mainly thanks to wide diversity of activities taking place and versatility of people involved. Planned activities for the project of Constance Demenet and yet not chosen Czech volunteer will last 12 months, starting September 2015, ending August 31 2016. Croatian volunteer Mate Vučkovič will spend 8 months with us due to his previous short-term EVS project. Czech volunteer is sent by organization Lužánky - středisko volného času, French volunteer by Paris based association Centre d’information et de documentation jeunessea and the third partner is Syncro - Synergy Croatia from Zagreb, Croatia. Truc sphérique (Slovakia) acts as both hosting and coordinating organization.



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