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StandOut - Blue growth in coastal regions through culture and tourist attraction development (StandOut)
Date du début: 30 juin 2015, Date de fin: 30 oct. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Tourism attractions are important growth drivers for tourism development in coastal regions. They serve as complementary tourism offers to the maritime tourism in coastal areas, being bad weather alternatives, landmarks+off-season attractions that add value to the blue growth of coastal regions. Despite this role, the necessity to develop the quality of these attractions, to create new innovations+increase its attractiveness is still not well recognized in the regions that benefit from these attractions. There is a need for innovation clusters bringing tourism attractions+businesses together to jointly attract international markets. Tourism attractions permanently lack (public) financial support. Therefore tourism attractions, which often originate from cultural backgrounds, are forced to commercialize their core operation further+focus more than ever on experience creation,visitors demands+on attracting new target groups. At the same time more competitors of tourism attractions have emerged while visitor numbers are stagnating or even decreasing, which puts their economic existence at risk. Attraction operators need to permanently invest in new experiences+innovations to sustain their visitor numbers. To increase the number of guests from international markets, tourism destinations have a greater chance to get attention by utilizing the common cultural heritage to profile tourism attractions+offers based on typical themes of South Baltic coastal regions. However, tourism attraction operators often lack professionalization+knowledge in: target groups demands+trends, how to set up strategies for innovation, how to cooperate+produce new packages, fundraising, profiling+marketing. In order to develop+promote new products there is a need to better cooperate with tourism businesses (which are dominated by SMEs) that often lack personnel+financial resources as well as competences to do market research, product development+strategic marketing themselves. Expected Results: OBJECTIVES: *Increase the quality of tourism attractions as main growth drivers for tourism development in coastal areas; *Build capacities of attraction operators in terms of marketing, quality, target group orientation, product development+cooperation;*Thematic heritage profiling of tourism attractions for product development+marketing to strengthen the core values of coastal tourism regions; *Improve cooperation among tourism attraction operators+other coastal tourism businesses, setting up attraction clusters; *Raise potential for generating new+innovative tourism products based on attractions+cultural heritage in coastal regions; *Develop service concepts for tourism attraction+attraction development; *Internationalization of tourism businesses to attract new target groups from foreign target markets; *Promotion of coastal tourism destinations on foreign target markets; RESULTS: *boost the business development in individual culture+ tourism attractions through strategic quality improvement; *extend the tourism season by developing tourism attractions into growth drivers as complementary alternative that adds value to tourism offers in coastal areas; *built capacities of value chain innovation between SMEs, enabling them to do innovation+quality improvement resulting in an increased no. of tourism offers+more qualitative products+increased no. of visitors; *connected SMEs in cross-border thematic focused clusters for the purpose of co-operation, joint marketing +product development; *utilize the natural+cultural heritage of the SB Region+make it visible+enjoyable by thematic profiling of tourism attractions+tourism products (e.g. profiling with focus on the themes Vikings, arks&Manors – romanticism+inspired artists, World heritage, Childrens culture); *attract target groups from international markets of common interest+increased name recognition of the SB tourism destination based on the cultural heritage



  • 75%   30 000,00
  • 2007 - 2013 South Baltic (PL-SE-DK-LT-DE)
  • Projet sur KEEP platform
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