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Standards Based Approach to Video Archive Search and Analysis (SAVASA)
Date du début: 1 déc. 2011, Date de fin: 31 mai 2014 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The SAVASA project proposes the creation of a video archive search platform that allows authorised users to perform semantic queries over different, remote and non-interoperable video archives this project will exploit the current trends in computer vision, video retrieval and semantic video analysis. It is also a goal of the project to ensure that its results are capable of deployment in distributed systems and as software services.However, technology for technologies sake is of little value. Therefore the involvement of ethicist, legal experts and, most importantly, those users who must operate Video Archive installations and services to meet the needs of law enforcement agencies and judicial authorities, as well as those of civil protection and day-to-day organisational needs, is required. The SAVASA consortium covers each of these roles.At its core, SAVASA will use existing reference technologies from the ICT field that have overcome the barrier of system interoperability/compatibility, i.e. between container and compression formats. The project will implement a prototype platform capable of demonstrating unified archive integration and an approach to common search and indexing. The project will also provide a set of tailored video analytics and semantic analysis tools that will provide added value to end-users, but which can also function within a legal and ethical framework. The project will provide an analysis of existing technical barriers/requirements in the standardisation of technologies and procedures, via the validation testing of a prototype platform with end users. Finally, SAVASA will implement a project structure that will ensure that RTD, Legal, Ethical and End User needs are properly balanced and addressed.



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