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Date du début: 2 mai 2016, Date de fin: 1 janv. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Multi action project “Standard Protocol Procedure” foresees of implementation of 2 main activities (training course (A1) & Evaluation seminar (A2)) & practical part in own organization inbetween those activities & will gather 16 active youth workers, youth leaders & trainers (group will be also supported with several support stuff as several participants &most of trainers &experts will be disabled persons) from NGO’s & associations involved in youth work and Erasmus+ projects.A1 & A2 activities will take place in Deutschlandsberg, Austria from 18th – 25th June 2016 & from 23rd – 25th September 2016. The practical part will take place in participant’s local communities & time is set between A1 & A2 Activity.The main aim of the whole project is to give space & time to participants time to gain practical & theoretical knowledge what to take in account & how to design ones “mainstream” projects/activities based on “Accessible/Inclusive for all” approach with concrete focus on physical disability groups.“Inclusion” is&will be never ending story&we can look on inclusion as process of a whole, but from other side for so called “different inclusion” target groups the way towards inclusive activity/project, group/society might require different approaches. For disabled people it's accessibility, including NFE methods. Most of organizations, even NA’s luck of the practice&skills. Material to read is all around, but not much possibility for practice. Also organizations first see “disability”& then only “the youth worker”, “youth leader” in this person.We see it as a lack of knowledge&practice, because still disabled pax in mainstream activity is quite exotic. All young people, without discrimination, shall be able to have access to the activities of the program.In our opinion it is not only important to create special projects for disabled people, but ensure access to mainstream projects. By this access it is possible to ensure equal opportunities between different groups of the society, fight against discrimination, promote tolerance, etc. There are many people & info around nowadays, that talk about accessibility, but mostly they tell you what you should do, this Project will show – how!!!During this Project participants will have possibility to get familiar with terminology of accessible youth project/activity, learn how to adapt own NF learning methods for groups were also disabled participants are in, share their tools & best practices, analyze & evaluate practical outcomes to be able to use gained skills & knowledge in future work through 3 main blocks:1. Training course (A1), where pax will learn not only in theory about accessibility issues, but will also try it out in practise.Sometimes we think, that we know how to do it, but if you have never been in contact with the person who has impairment or disability, it is really hard to imagine, what & how to do it (for example,3 wheelchair users might need 3 different approaches).2. After TC to have possibility to use gained skills &knowledge into practice &learn to transfer it to one’s own working environment, pax together with their org. will need to carry out NF learning activity in their surrounding &it will need to involve disabled & non disabled people on equal terms. As there are 2 partners per country they will be encouraged to organize it together.In this way there is possibility to implement learned directly in work &gives guarantee that skills &knowledge will be put in practise also afterwards. 3. Evaluation seminar (A2) -to give space to reflect on practical part in guided setting by providing space for reflection & analyze + give space to set up goals for next steps from the side of pax direction inclusive youth work.The whole project itself will NFE methods & it will be based on active participation balancing theoretical input with practical ones (learning by doing, simulations, etc.).As well, it will be possible to see, how the accessible project looks like in reality. The main impact on all involved partners & participants of this project will be gained practical skills & knowledge about accessibility matters in main stream NF learning activities, projects to be possible to involve disabled people in those activities, development & improving pax’s work in youth field in general via created networks, possible support systems, additional partnerships, accessible project ideas, etc. to be transferred youth field in order to implement more inclusive work with young people. Project as well will develop inter cultural &social attitudes & will stimulate participants to be more active part of today’s & future Europe. Project will guarantee that the future activities are planned to be inclusive/accessible. By making our projects & activities accessible, we are one step closer to antidiscrimination &inclusion.The Project will meet necessary accessibility standards & is available also for disabled people.


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