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Date du début: 1 mai 2016, Date de fin: 30 sept. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The main activity of the project is the organization of a training course entitled "STAND UP TOGETHER!”, from 25th July to 31st August in Pafos, Cyprus. The project aims a)at the empowerment, personal development and skill enhancement of participants and b)at the training on new innovative tools using non-formal methods, which can be incorporated in their daily work with these children and adolescents to increase effectiveness of impact and results.The objectives of the project are to: 1)bring together youth workers, from different European and partner countries, supporting young people from poor and disadvantageous families, including migrants, promoting their inclusion to society; 2)empower and enhance participants' personal development, self-esteem and confidence, through specific interactive tools and exercises as well as the exchange of experiences, views and ideas, which in return they can use to train others and also help young people with fewer opportunities; 3) enhance participants' important skills, including leadership, mentoring and coaching skills, conflict solution skills, team building skills, to feel encouraged and confident in providing effective support to young people with fewer opportunities; 4) train youth workers on new innovative tools to become more competent, using non-formal interactive methods which they can adopt and incorporate in their day-to-day work with youngsters with fewer opportunities; 5)encourage them to train and motivate other young workers, young volunteers to get involved in supporting young people with fewer opportunities; 6)provide a platform for exchanging good practices, expertise and know-how on a) personal development methods of youth workers and b)non-formal and informal tools to effective support young people with fewer opportunities. 7)learn about other cultures, traditional food and drinks, during the intercultural nights organized; 8) establish contacts with other NGOs, including local organizations, for future collaboration, during the networking events organized during the course.The direct beneficiaries of the project are 42 youth workers, youth leaders and youth volunteers , working and supporting children and young people with fewer opportunities, originating from poor and most deprived families. Participants originate from 13 organizations from 11 different countries, including Cyprus. The methodology to be used during the Training Course includes a combination of non-formal learning methods, energizers, ice-breakers, interactive and simulation exercises, role-play games, workshops, small and large group discussions and team-building activities, including a flash-mob at the end of the course. In addition, the Course will include non-formal interactive evaluation activities, networking activities, and intercultural events for establishment of new contacts and collaborations with local youth leaders and young people in general. The expected impact on participants: 1.Get empowered, increase their self-esteem and confidence and feel encouraged to continue working with children and young people with fewer opportunities, with more strength and ardency, feeling that their work is being appreciated; 2. Acquire or enhance important skills, including leadership, mentoring, coaching, conflict resolution, and team-building, which will increase their competences as professionals and will ease their work with those in need; 3. Raise awareness and enhance their knowledge in some concepts, which even though they are widely used, are usually perceived differently, including "poverty", "social exclusion", "young people with fewer opportunities", an impact which will increase their eager to help these children and young people who are in great need for support; 4. Acquire the necessary skills, expertise and knowledge on how to use the tools in their work.The potential longer term benefits of the project include among others a) more workers/leaders/volunteers will benefit, get empowered and feel more confident about their work, as participants will be able upon return to their organization to present and train the new non-formal learning methods learn during the course, b) children and young people with fewer opportunities will benefit in the long-term from the new non-formal tools participants will become familiar and adopt in their daily work, c) new Erasmus Plus projects will be prepared and implemented based on ideas expressed during the Training Course, building on the project's results, d) other young people throughout Europe will be inspired by the videos "Stand Up Together!" and the flash-mob produced and disseminated, empowering them to either develop an Erasmus Plus project or participate in one and finally e) more youth workers/leaders/volunteers throughout europe will benefit from the Toolkit developed by all participants, during the course with non-formal learning methods for empower and self-development but also for skill enhancement.



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