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Date du début: 29 nov. 2016, Date de fin: 28 mai 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The Youth Exchange entitled "Stand against Terrorism", will be an answer from youth to the needs and requests of the contemporary issues that our communities are facing. It is quite possible, that the next battlefield in the struggle against terrorism will not take place on a physical plane but in the mental and emotional domains of the youth. Youngsters ought to be aware, conscious and ready to be active at any possible "call". The issues to be addressed by our project can be made through the following basic questions > What is terrorism? Why is it happening? What is it's effect? How can we prevent it? How youth workers play an active role against all this? How terroristic attacks can be addressed through youth? The venue of the YE will be Athens, Greece, at 'soho hotel", suitable for projects. The participating countries will be : Turkey, Germany, Italy, Germany, Lithuania, United Kingdom and off course Greece. Each participating country will be asked to provide a group of 5 people aged from 18 till 30 years old, including the group leader who will be without age limit. Partners will be asked to respect gender balance in their groups. Priority will be given to participants with fewer opportunities and to the ones who didn't participate in a YE before. Also, participants will be asked to have a basic english knowledge. Better understanding of terrorism, violence and the hazards hidden between those will be gained. Also, participants will go through life changing activities such as social experiments, stimulation activities and outdoor-interactive meetings with locals.Longterm effect/result activity : >get aware by our social experiment, outdoor activities and our campaign against terrorism and violence>see all lengths of terrorism and violence and it's bad effectsMake the locals aware- SOCIAL EXPERIMENT- and record of our campaign "STAND AGAINST TERRORISM". This activity will be held on the last day of the project. ) . Our social experiment will off course be recorded and after the project, this recording will be used together with other interviews that we will take from the participants so that we make our movie-short video campaign called STAND AGAINST TERRORISM. This campaign, will be shared in the local media and online, as much as possible so that we raise the awareness and we reach out our target groups.



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