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Stadt Nürnberg - Internationalisierung des Beruflichen Schulwesens
Date du début: 1 juin 2016, Date de fin: 31 mai 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The overall goal of the City of Nuremberg is the europeanization and internationalization of its dual system of vocational training. Still different models exist at each school which we just started to connect with each other. There is much room for synergy effects and improvement. In an initial phase schools without experience in Leonardo da Vinci/Erasmus+ projekts will get the chance to offer their students and graduates the opportunity to spend some time of their training/apprenticeship abroad through NBG-EU-16. For this proposal we define three relevant target groups: students, graduates and teaching staff. During the project period of two years students and graduates will be sent abraod in small groups. The students get the chance to make contact with new cultures and its people. They can experience the differences between worklife in Germany and other European countries.At a later stage the department for vocational schools helps the EU-coordinators when it comes to submitting their own project proposals. We offer advice and organisational support. Next to this the vocational education staff (i.e. staff in charge of EU projects or staff from companies responsible for training) will have the opportunity to spend a work stay abroad in a European country. For improving the Europeanization of the Nuremberg vocational training system it is crucial to include this target group in the proposal. They can multiply their gained experiences within their school/company.The objective of each work stay varies, depending on the stage of the partnership between the vocational school in Nuremberg and the foreign partner. Major aims are:- Study stay to gain job-specific and expert experience .- Create and develop the partnership. Compare different European education and job training systems.The project implementation is launched by the Department for Vocational schools at the City of Nuremberg. First the vocational schools prepare the deployment. During the actual mobilities the project partners abroad is in charge. Our different project partners are also responsible for the provision of internship placements.Futhermore we look for new methods and ideas how to train and integrate such a huge amount of refugees in our job market. Therefore we started a close cooperation with the city of Glasgow to exchange examples of best practice.


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