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Stadi Equal International Learning Opportunities
Date du début: 1 juin 2016, Date de fin: 31 mai 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Helsinki Vocational College offers high quality and versatile vocational education for its pupils. Internationalisation and its visibility in the everyday life of the college is seen to add to the attractiveness of the college and provides a way of staying abreast of educational developments in Europe. This project will continue the bilateral mobility flow of previous Erasmus+ projects. The aim is to send 134 students for a 2-10 week long practical training period and 50 teachers for a four day job shadowing period abroad.This project aims to increase equality in gaining competences needed in the working life through international activities, thus aspiring for the aims of the Erasmus+ project. With these international competences Helsinki Vocational College aims to meet the needs of the increasingly multicultural working life.The strategic aim is that every student and Staff member is aware of the possibilities given to gain international competences and have an equal opportunity to participate in the international activities and mobility periods. This projects aims to develop mobility periods to take better into consideration the skills and competences of the different students. It aims to find ways to encourage students to participate also in fields of studies where the students are not voluntarily participating in student exchange. The equal opportunity asks for a transparent process of selection of the participants in this project. The main criteria are, that the candidate is willing to learn and has sufficient skills and willingness to adjust and cope. The mobility periods applied for staff aims to evolve pedagogical and guidance practices, develop the participating staffs vocational field and improve the recognition of learning outcomes. The competences gained will be beneficial for the implementation of the ECVET system in student mobilities. It is believed that the participating staff will be more prepared to meet students from a variety of backgrounds as well be more willing to encourage students to participate in international activities. Mobility periods are seen as a process that includes preparation, implementation and evaluation. The aim of the preparatory activities is that the student is aware of all the documentation needed, personal learning goals and has adequate knowledge to make the travel preparations and to manage once abroad.The Strategic aim of Helsinki Vocational College is that these mobility periods are a recognized part of the participant’s studies. The recognition of these mobilities is based on the implementation of the ECVET from the preparation till the evaluation.Mobility periods are documented and each participant is asked to write a report of their experiences. These stories are gathered to the google-maps platform. Students are asked to send digital postcards that can be shared within the college and will be part of the digital game now being produced.The evaluation of this project follows the principals of evolving evaluation. The material produced for the evaluation supports the implementation and impact of the project. Previous mobility projects have proven beneficial for its participants motivation, studies and later employment. Participants have met their professional goals but as well learned to evaluate the working methods and recognize the cultural basis of the methodologies implemented and use these methods flexibly to develop one’s work. Mobility periods support one’s personal and professional growth, regardless of one’s age, sex and background. Skills beneficial for setting realistic aims in one’s career and for employment.



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