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Date du début: 18 juin 2014, Date de fin: 28 févr. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

CONTEXT/BACKGROUNDEurope is a sensibly rich territory according to cultural heritage. Its physical artefacts and intangible attributes are breathtaking to the world. Each nation that is part of Europe represents a nourished background of history and a contemporary resource to the cultural development, representing people's history. As declared on the framework for European cooperation in the youth field (2010-2018) Europe should present entrepreneurship to young people as a viable and promising future career path. In this frame the project “St'ART” focuses on the opportunities associated with the growth and expansion of the art and creative sector, its strong interface with youth culture and its potential for youth entrepreneurship.THE PROJECT19/09/2014 - 25/09/2014 Venue: Caltanissetta, ItalyParticipants: 1 group leader + 5 young people/country involvedThe project “St'Art” is a 7 days youth exchange under the Erasmus + programme, KA1-Mobility for young people, that involves 42 young people and youth leaders from Italy, Lithuania, Romania, The Netherland, Latvia, Bulgaria and former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. Main themes focus on art and cultural traditions, linked to the possibilities to develop entrepreneurial initiatives in this field. OBJECTIVES- To share different experiences and practices in the art and culture field among young people from different cultural contexts and backgrounds.- To raise awareness among young people on the potential of art and cultural traditions as a catalyst for inclusive and sustainable growth.- To foster international entrepreneurial initiatives focused on the values of arts and cultural traditions.- To offer a creative space for intercultural dialogue between young people and organizations in order to build a strong environment for further cooperation and networking, experimenting how arts education and artistic expression can be effective in empowering young people and engage them in active citizenship.PROJECT ACTIVITIESFirst participants were invite to share their knowledge on the topic -arts and cultural heritage-, second they asked to share information on current entrepreneurial realities active in each country for the valorization of arts and culture, and finally they realized together an European itinerary of the most innovative entrepreneurial initiatives in the art sector.The project fully exploited group working activities at every stage of the exchange to reinforce cooperation and peer learning approach among young people. METHODOLOGYYoung people worked side by side, enriching each other thanks to their specific interest and a cooperative approach. Through motivational dialogue, collaboration and co-creativity, steps were taken to develop effective use of knowledge from different sources, and they will learnt how to act actively in a multicultural group in order to build up common initiatives. Participants worked towards a simplified way of exchanging information and acting together. The main emphasis were put on non-formal activities involving participants directly through workshops, reflection groups, case studies. Moreover participants were invited to experience directly several non-formal methods within art education and gained key competences and tools that they could use in their daily work and life. RESULTS- 42 participants (young people and youth leaders) who will develop competences in art education and social entrepreneurship.- Exchange of experiences and perspectives on innovative entrepreneurial initiatives in the art sector between young people.- Increased intercultural dialogue and cooperation beween young people and organizations active in the youth field.IMPACTYoung people after the exchange are much more aware of the entrepreneurial world and its possibilities linked to the Cultural heritage sector, they reinforced their self-trust and sense of inititiave. Moreover through the exchange they became part of an international network targeted to a specific sector, it could allow them to gain future experiences in this sector.POTENTIAL LONG TERM BENEFITSAll the competencies developed are the starting point for a future path oriented in this direction. Exploiting the issues and contents of the exchange young participants could have a concrete possibility for the future. Last but not least the potentialities developed will turn them to a much more aware vision of themselves as active citizens.



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