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Spring Celebration
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

In today´s world environmental issues are very important in all aspects. Things connected with the ideas of environmental problems are common link among all countries in Europe. The problems can be different and they can vary from region to region even in one country. So we must find some solutions and ways how to improve it and at the same time to know each other well. Our effort will be to improve our environment and to learn how to protect it. We, human beings, are part of the environment, so we must start to think and to behave ecologically. We must act according to some principles which are better for our society, educate ourselves, and to lead a healthy life. All these is connected with our unique features so we can enrich ourselves by knowing each other problems as well as to come up with solutions. In this process of learning and sharing these issues we must know our individual traditions and habits. In order to be able to cooperate in proper way we must use and improve our language skills and when sharing our common findings we must use computers so we can interact with each other via internet thus we all improve our ICT skills. To be fit and healthy we must not forget to eat healthy food and to do some sport activities too. If we start to improve ourselves and to behave more ecologically to our environment we can build a better world together. The students are the most significant participants in this process. Our task will be to educate them, give them basic knowledge, give them the power and show them how to be active citizens so they will be able to change and improve our environment and society in the future. We want to cooperate with other people (parents of our students, citizens, local authorities and with other people from environmental institutions), so the impact will grow out the border of the schools. One of the main objectives of our project will be to teach students about the environmental issues and make them aware to protect our environment and ecology. Another very important point in this process will be activization of young people and their involvement into the activities carried out in the project. While the students will be doing the tasks they will improve their skills and get better competences, this would be the most significant role of the project – improving competences (like ICT competence, language competence, social competence, and competence for solving the problems and being active). Throughout the project there will be many interesting activities carried out like: “Rainbow”, “Fish in the water” – activities aimed for protecting the environment, recycling, waste separation, “Land Art” – having a look into the environment from artistic point of view, “Happy eater” – avoiding junk food, eating more healthy food. “Olympic games” – making students more enthusiastic in exercise and sport. “Battery collecting” and “Paper Pyramid” – activities for collecting these things. “Superhero in action” – activity where students will be active, interacting with local authorities, gaining social aspects when solving the problems. “Spring Celebration” – an event for wide range of public, presenting environmental issues and making exhibitions. There will be even more activities by which we want to achieve greater concern in the environment, cooperation, culture, English language and social aspect. One of our objective will be to carry out methodology document which can be used as pedagogical material. By our mutual cooperation we will carry out a document which will show how to teach environmental issues through activities carried out in other subjects like art, math, chemistry, English, ICT, physical education, physics, biology, history and so on. We will use content and language integrated learning methods in this process. We hope that this pedagogical material will be used by many other schools and institutions in learning process. After the project will be finished we want to continue in cooperation and spread the ideas and outcomes to other potential partners, schools and institutions. We all realize that education as well as dissemination activities are very important, but the most significant thing for us will be to see our students happy while doing these activities. Our students are ready to begin international cooperation at each school, they deserve to be happy in the future. Our role will be to help them to create healthy environment and safe world.



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