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Date du début: 7 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 6 juil. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project SSPP "Support Solidariety Promoting Peace" aims to increase exchanges between young people in Europe and organisations from other cultural backgrounds and is based on a shared commitment towards a common goal: the construction of a more equal society. Moreover, it aims to raise awareness in the field of human rights, through direct experience of the life of poor people (in particular children) and conducting data collection, researching and analyzing the Georgian situation all within their broader social, political and cultural context. The project will involve two volunteers, who will spend six months at the welcome centre for children in Batumi,in Georgia. They will be given pre-departure training in their own countries, and will learn about Georgian context, politics, history and society. Moreover they will learn about human rights and peace education, according to the European principles. The volunteers will take care of the children hosted in the family home and they will carry on educative and recreational activities to support children of the territory in situation of poverty. The volunteers will reflect on this direct expirience in the mean time of their action, writing report about the project on the web site of the organisation and articles for the local media of their home town, in order of increase knowledge and take of responsibility about the situation in Georgia. This activities will strengthen the intercultural exchange and awareness both in the local communities and at a European level. As a way of learning by doing, the project will offer each individual the chance to critically reflect on their behaviour, attitudes and role models, their rights and the rights of others, their own selves and the world around them.



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