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Sprache, Beruf und Kultur im Ausland (learning by extra-curricular activities)
Date du début: 8 sept. 2014, Date de fin: 8 sept. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project “Learning by Extra-curricular Activities” enabled our students to take part in travel study courses in other European countries. A total of 29 students, who are either completing a vocational education to become European Secretaries or are full-time students of the College of Commerce and Foreign Languages, travelled to Great Britain and Spain for a period of three weeks in the springs of 2015 and 2016. There they attended courses, tailor-made to the requirements of their chosen occupation, on their host country in the field of European education. As well as intensive tuition in the language of business, these courses imparted an insight into the economic and working life and general lifestyle of the particular country. In addition, participants were involved in tours of companies and cultural events. The project was conducted with the following aims: to practise, improve and deepen participants’ foreign-language skills to provide an insight into the business and working life of the country and its way of life to foster the independence, initiative and organisational talents of participants for all participants to pass the country’s final examination to establish contacts for future work placements abroad on completion of their education Participants‘reports reveal a high level of satisfaction. Participants were enabled to improve their foreign-language skills, to gain a more attractive profile for job applications, and to strengthen their self-confidence by mastering numerous unfamiliar situations, e.g. in an intercultural context. The impact on the competence and identity of participants is also reflected in practical terms in improved performances in examinations and with regard to practical experience and contacts for future job-hunting. Of additional use when job-hunting are not only the Europass Mobility acquired during the project but also the certificates for completion of specific courses and the certificates from the respective chambers of commerce. From past experience we may safely assume that there will be long-term benefits both for the future of our participants as well as for companies, inasmuch as they will have well-educated skilled workers at their disposal. Finally, the project – as in previous years – fosters the continuity of the European idea and renders visible the significance of individual mobility.



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