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Date du début: 1 août 2015, Date de fin: 31 juil. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The main objective of the project is to accurate diagnose challenges that young people face in the area of studies and non-formal education and prepare them to enter the labour market. Developing solutions to facilitate entry to the labour market and present the results of research and debate to decision makers responsible for different areas and issues of youth policy. We believe that good education is a derivative of dialogue and broad cooperation aforementioned institutions and the student community. Without that, graduates of Polish universities will have a problem with taking the first job which should be corresponding with their reflects, expectations, aspirations, qualifications and dreams. I. ASSUMPTIONS OF THE PROJECT: • The project is prepared for 12 months, by the Foundation for Initiatives of Youth (Fundacja Inicjatyw Młodzieżowych) • The project is aimed to students, fresh graduates and the academic community (academic and student organizations). • Our project is addressed to representatives of universities, rectors, staff career offices, employees of the Ministry of Science responsible for higher education, employees of the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy. • The project will be attended by 75 participants (students and graduates of Polish universities) and 25 representatives of policy makers for youth. II. PROJECT PLAN: The first stage of the project will be social research study among students, graduates and employers. This study will be conducted by a professional research agency. Main research will address: Students Expectations: • Professional plans after graduation, • Barriers and facilitation in the process of studying, • How students could be better prepared to enter the labour market. Employers expectations: • Which competencies employers expect from college graduates, • Which competencies lack among university graduates, • Labor law solutions that block employers to hire young people. Entering the labor market: • Preparing students for the labor market, • Market internships, • Good practices of Polish universities, • Good practices of employers. Research in Career Offices: • What's missing from the Career Offices, • What are the tasks a needs of the Career Offices and how to fulfill them. The second phase of the project will consist in the analysis and evaluation of research by higher education representatives, representatives of ministerial departments, academic and student organizations and business. In the second stage, work will be carried out within the relevant bodies responsible for higher education and job creation. The finale of the project will be a conference with representatives of Higher Education, Ministry of Labour, representatives of higher education (universities, the Conference of Rectors of Polish Universities), business communities, at which students will present their proposals with suggestions of implementations changes in the labor law. Before the conference materials will be developed based on studies and analyzes prepared by the partners and experts. As part of the dissemination activities and publications we plan to write a research report and a draft prepared and send to polish universities (over 400 units) and to public administration. The other target groups will be reached trough the publication of the results in the regional and national media, academic and everyday.