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Sporting development of the Serbian -Hungarian cross-border cooperation (SPORTSEHU)
Date du début: 30 juin 2010, Date de fin: 30 déc. 2011 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project is the joint decision of Tisza Volán SC running the ice hockey sport section in Szeged and the Spartak Subotica in the framework of which they are willing to establish a joint team from the members of the two teams and participate in the Hungarian championship as a unified team. There are training on every spots in six age groups but the problem is that the supply basis is missing. There is no covered skating rink in Subotica nevertheless in Szeged there is the possibility to exercise this sport six months long which is proper for the preparation of six age groups and for the elaboration of human and amiable relationships of the players. The project to be realized strengthens the sport and cultural cooperation between the two ice hockey sport sections. By calling different target groups it establishes relationship between the participants and contributes to the development of the members of the two communities and the environment thereof. The objective of the program is to establish the financial background of the cooperation of people living on the two sides of the border and the participation of the youth exercising sport in ice hockey sport sections participating in the project, in joint team at the trainings, training camps and age group championships.The project serves as a muster for widening the cross border sport possibilities and the participation in the profession sport serves as muster for the young generation and it may involve change in thinking. Achievements: Co-operation of two club's (namely Tisza Volán SC and Spartak Subotica) ice hockey section-players of the two clubs in different age groups participate jointly in practicing camps, jointly prepare for the championship in Szeged



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