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Sport for All
Date du début: 1 févr. 2016, Date de fin: 30 sept. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The group of participants in the project consisted of 45 young people from three European countries (Poland,Belgium and Romania) aged 14-30 interested in issues related to sport. The project "Sport for All" focused on problems of sport, divided into following subject areas: social integration through sport, diet in sport, sport and coping with stress, limitations in sport, volunteering and rehabilitation in sport, sources of financing in sport and the dark side of sport. General goal of the project was raising the awareness of young people about the benefits of sport to health and promoting healthy lifestyle. Particular goals were: -development of knowledge about sport, - learning about influence of diet on sportsmen, - learning about benefits of sport to stress reduction, - finding the role of sport in society, - reducing the limits, barries of sport, including social exclusion,- getting to know about sources of financing in sport,- learning and understanding dark side of sport (match fixing, doping, addictions and hooligans), - developing team-play skills, - developing creative activity, encouraging activities promoting sport on a local level, encouraging appropriate social attitudes to help fighting social exclusion, - to establish intercultural dialog between Poles, Romanians and Belgians, organisations, networking, - breaking down barriers in intercultural dialogue. The aforementioned goals were achieved by planned methods of work, that include: simulation games, integration games, panel discussions, brainstorms, workshops, fieldwork, working in mixed groups and working with computer.Through participating in the project, an increase in interest in sport occured, raised knowledge about different aspects of sport and raised the awareness of society about the life benefits of being physically active. Project encouraged young people to promote healthy lifestyle. During the project creativity, self- confidence and interpersonal skills of young people were stimulated.The project relied on the completion of the seven-day cycle schedule devoted to informal education of issues related to sport. The project took place in the Municipal Recreation, Tourism and Sports Center in Luzino, district wejherowski. Project location was chosen because of the appropriate base housing and equipment allows to carry out the project. The plan of activities in the project covered the topics: Social inclusion through sport; Role of nutrition in sport; Diet athletes; Sports and coping with stress; Limitations in sport, social exclusion and prejudices; Role of volunteering and sports rehabilitation; Sources of financing in sport and it's economic dimension and The dark side of sport: competition fixing, doping, addictions and hooligans. Results of the project (materials and movie made by participants) were shown to the local community and published via Internet (social portals: YouTube ( and Facebook (, project partner website(,obiekt-104,1.html)) and local media ( This ensured the sustainability of the project, allowed to reach other groups and promoted the project among Internet users.



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