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SPIDERWEB Project - Support Program in Development Represented on the Web

The SPIDERWEB Project will review approaches to the issue of 'educational dropouts' across the involved European partner countries. It will implement a program of activities to identify and respond to the issues of dropouts based upon accepted and tested theories in career & psychological counselling in both Europe and the USA.A range of activities will be undergone to include: a response analysis to see how the needs of young people are addressed, the introduction of a screening device to detect young adults at risk of dropping out and a support and prevention program to work with young people in developing self-confidence and decision making skills.A training package will be further developed for educational/vocational counsellors, school guidance workers, human resource managers and other employment support professionals with regard to addressing the issue of dropouts and will comprise a training course, educational material, a specialist handbook, and the provision of additional supervision, where required. A series of two handbooks will also be produced, describing the support and prevention programme for counsellors and other facilitators.A dedicated website will be developed within the project (this will be two-fold and will also allow access to information by the young people themselves), whereupon training materials and contact support will be available to the range of guidance professionals described earlier.To promote the achievements of the project a final conference will be held to allow both partners and their extended networks to further discuss and disseminate good practice.