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Spice up your youth
Date du début: 1 janv. 2015, Date de fin: 31 déc. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Group EVS project »Spice up your youth« started on 1. 1. and ended on 31. 12. 2015 (12 months). There were 20 young people participating from Turkey (9) and Serbia (11 participants). They were from 18 to 30 years old. There eas 13 men and 7 women involved. Young participants had different formal education, interests, skills, so they will bring diversity into the project. The sending org. were YINFO - Genclik Bilgi Merkezi Dernegi (Turkey) and YRS - Young Researchers of Serbia (Serbia), the hosting organization was Mladinski center Krško (Slovenia). The project took part in all local communicities of all partners and home towns of the participants (preparation and evaluation phase), the main project activities happened inKrško, Slovenia. The idea of the project came from the need and a wish of young people who wanted to spend their youth actively. They learnt to organize activities, gained new skills and knowledge with active participation in the field of culture and art. They made something new, that was seen all around the Europe. One of the project results is longlasting useful, two short movies that are based on the actual themes that are importanted for young people. One of the films was presented on Beša Fest, short movie festival in Serbia in 2015. Some of the participants were volunteering there a year before EVS. The film was also shown on the other film festivals aroud Europe and even Asia, what was the original idea of young people at the beginning of the project. The main activities were divided into three bigger parts: preparation and project ending with extention and evaluation of the project and young people working and living together in Krško, where the activities took part. The activities of the project started on 1. 4. and ended on 4. 5. 2015 (34 days). The objectives of the project were the growth of the European awareness of young people, active participation of young people, being familiar with the work of EU institutions, having an open debate about important topics about young people (and using them while preparing youth policies), sharing experience of youth organizations in Europe, gaining skills and knowledge from the cultural and art field, intercultural learning, integration of informal and formal learning, informing young people and other relevant target groups about Erasmus+, more positive attitude of young people about EU. Amongst others, the result of the project were also two short movies on the topics about young people (their position in Europe today, unemployment, migrations,…) which were shared in all local communities of the partners, on the national level and amongst our partners all around Europe. Each country was filming own movie, but the two teams helped each other. All other activities happened in mixed groups (gender, age, interests). The working methods were participatory (learning by doing) and were appropriate for realizing activities for young people. They supported and incouraged personal and proffessional growth of the participants. At the end of the project they received Youthpass, new Europass and new language lever in Europass Language Certificate application. All the activitis were in English language. Young people worked in the cities center in Krško and in the rural area. There were 10 young people with less opportunities involved. They faced long term unemployment, had difficult social and economical situation, low level of English language. The main activities of the project were: on arrival training when the participants arrived in Krško, workshop for local community in Krško about informal learning and tools of its recognition, 3 intercultural evenings, different workshops for getting the knowledge of making a short movie, the premiere of the short movie in Krško, extention and usage of the project results in all local communities of the partner countries and Europe,… The explotation, dissemination of the project results and its visibility was carried out with all project partners who informed local community and their partner network around Europe in all stages of the project (with respecting of usage of Erasmus+ logos, the support of Erasmus+). During the activities in Krško, they made official press releases, statements and photos Facebook and other social networks,… They organized a public presentation of the project and its results, photos, short movie. The result of the project are also new future projects of the included partners in Erasmus+.



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