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spheres of activities in the European youth strategy- practical fields of work in comparison
Date du début: 15 mai 2015, Date de fin: 14 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

This group project in the EVS has a focus on youth work in different fields and work areas. Four volunteers on 2 locations will be active in different youth work organizations in Thuringia under the topic “spheres of activities in the European youth strategy – practical fields of work in comparison”. The project will be activated in 2 steps; young people from Hungary and Romania will be involved in the project. They will do their service in 2 institutions, which effectively implement different themes of children and youth work. These include health education, family education, district-related youth social work/open youth work and European youth work in the field of intercultural learning. The employment places are situated in Thuringia and spread from Oberhof to Weimar, they are curated in the office of coordinators. All volunteers will be seen as a group and according to this work on common contentual and professional tasks in a Diary. Basis for that is the European Youth Strategy, articles as “Learning Field Europe”, “Peer Europe”, “European Dimension”, “Voluntary Service and Participation”, which should be worked on. In everyday project work ideas will be developed, implemented, compared and discussed under these aspects from different points of view of different home countries and host countries, considering different experience, backgrounds and increasing practical experience. The goal is to make the process and results of the work publicly available by using the modern media (website links, Facebook etc.) and stimulate “discussing together”. In addition the volunteers will be offered a wide range of recreational and leisure activities, different employment places provide ideal conditions for that. The project is conceptualized for services between 10 and 12 months, every application is welcome, start is planned for early summer 2015. In the team there work colleagues, who implement the EVS and European projects for many years and have experience. In every employment place from the start of the service there will be a trained tutor for the needs of participants.



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