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Speeding "Every European Digital" (SEED)
Date du début: 1 janv. 2012, Date de fin: 30 juin 2014 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The target of SEED is to expand, through the "cloud computing" approach and a very cheap network of Interactive Public Service Advertising (i-PSA) nodes, the positive results of European Inclusive e-Governance initiatives to boost "citizen-centric" e-Gov Services, to reuse as much as possible the European, National, Regional and Local stocks of Public Sector Information (PSI) and to leverage saving costs of e-Government and e-Governance deployments. SEED re-uses PSI making mash-ups of e-Gov contents for raising awareness of citizens about e-Gov services available across all Europe: it is, transforming PSI in i-PSA messages.\n\nFor speeding "citizen-centric" e-services, it is not enough to transform previous "non-inclusive e-Gov" into "inclusive e-Gov" services, if many citizens are still not aware that this new friendly way of providing public services are ready for them. An intermediate link "for raising awareness" among citizens is still missing in this chain of service provision.\n\nThe main aim of SEED is to properly tackle European citizens for raising the awareness of useful e-Gov contents and services previously invested by European Public Sectors, mainly, mixing cross-border services of European, National, Regional and Local level. Both citizens and businesses must be aware and able to benefit from inclusive e-Gov services everywhere in Europe regardless of their country of origin.\nHowever, in the present context of economic crisis and Public Sector budgetary constraints, it is extremely important to show that SEED outcomes, deployed across "cloud computing" approaches, can be reached in a highly ambitious affordable way, with clear quantitative indicators, assuring the best value for money (savings higher than 20%) using SEED against conventional alternative e-Gov service deployments of Public Service Advertising (PSA).



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