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Speed up re-surveying of major shipping routes and ports

The aim of the project is to speed-up hydrographic re-surveys of the Baltic Sea, and thus to contribute to improving the safety of navigation. More specifically, the activity aims at developing and starting implementation of the revised Baltic Sea Re-survey Scheme, to be based on national re-survey plans and to cover the whole Baltic Sea area in a harmonized way. The 2002 Re-survey Scheme, developed by the Baltic Sea Hydrographic Commission (BSHC) following the HELCOM 2001 Copenhagen Declaration, will be revised e.g. taking into account the actual shipping routes (based on AIS) and the new routeing measures established or planned in the Baltic Sea.Hydrographic re-surveying is a continuous activity. It has been agreed by the coastal countries that the national re-survey plans, including time schedule estimations, are to be finalized and presented preferably by 2013, but not later than 2015. Achievements: The revision of the Baltic Sea Re-survey Scheme, including its principles, has been agreed on a political level (HELCOM Ministerial Meeting on 20 May 2010, Moscow). The BSHC committed in September 2010 itself to the implementation of the revised Scheme and tasked its Monitoring Working Group to develop the harmonised scheme by 2013 (2015).Currently re-surveys have mainly been conducted on the so-called category 1 areas. The amount of re-surveyed areas is increasing, but there is still a lot of re-surveying to be carried out even on category 1 areas.The re-survey database is available at



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