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Spectrum-Aware and Reliable Wireless Sensor Networks for Europe’s Future Electricity Networks and Power Systems (SA-WSN)
Date du début: 2 nov. 2009, Date de fin: 1 nov. 2013 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

"In this proposal, a Spectrum-Aware and Cross-layer Communication framework is proposed to realize efficient wireless sensor networking for currently envisioned smart grid applications. The proposed framework is a complete cross-layering such that the functionalities of traditional communication layers are melted in a customized cross-layer communication module for resource-limited sensor nodes to decrease the overhead and improve performance of traditional layered approaches. It also uses spectrum-aware spectrum access techniques to achieve a more efficient spectrum utilization by adapting to the availability of communication resources in harsh power system environments, which varies greatly with location, time and frequency because of obstructions, node contentions, RF interference and extreme noise. The specific goals of this project are: 1) Development of accurate analytical models to capture the characteristics of the wireless channel in power system environments; 2) Design of cross-layer & cognitive communication solutions enabling efficient utilization of the wireless channel, thus providing researchers with building blocks to ensure QoS for the envisioned applications; 3) Experimental verification of models and protocols with field tests; 4) To bridge the performance gap between sensor networking theory and real-world smart grid deployments by using an interdisciplinary research approach and international collaborations. Overall, this project will enable the PI to advance the field of wireless sensor networking and smart electric power grid applications as well as educating and inspiring the next generation of engineers in Europe. To this end, it addresses research, educational,and community service goals of IRG FP7 Work Program. Also, this research grant will help the PI to contribute to the European utility industry’s competitiveness, success of the European host university, and to become an integral part of the European research community."