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Specific cross-border objective of the operation are to perform a study of cross-border cultural and historical ties; to revitalized 5 buildings which are important for cultural history; to establish cross-border path between the revitalized cultural faci (Prebujena kulturna dediščina)
Date du début: 31 mai 2011, Date de fin: 30 mars 2013 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

In the absence of borders, the Slovenian and Croatian territory saw a strong link throughout history. Existing knowledge bears witness of strong cross-border developments in the 16th century. At the time, the territory of the present-day Bela krajina region formed part of the Province of Carniola (dežela Kranjska) as the "annexed seigniory of Metlika" (aingeraichte herrschafft Moettling). During the same period, many significant seigniories, especially the seigniory of Metlika and Črnomelj, fell into the hands of the Croatian nobility who viewed the Carniolan estates as a safer and more secure source of income. Thus, in the 16th century, the seigniory of Metlika belonged to the Erdödy family and the seigniory of Črnomelj to the Frankopan family from Trsat; both houses included Croatian bans in their ranks in the 16th and 17th centuries.  One of the most important names of that period is the Erdödy family that decisively impacted the area during that time. Both the history of the 16th century as such and many facts about the Erdödy family are unknown in view of dispersion of and difficult access to historical archives as well as the lack of studies on the subject. We do know, however, that the Erdödy family owned facilities and estates in the present-day cross-border area in Črnomelj, Metlika, Pisarovina, Klinča Sela and Jastrebarsko. The project partners have decided to cooperate with the aim of examining the historical relations that did not see present-day borders in further detail and thus of principally increasing their understanding on the impact of the Erdödy family and of other relevant impacts of the 16th century. To this end, they have decided to carry out research on the material and non-material cultural and historical heritage of the Erdödy family and of the 16th century history in the region as such. Even experts currently possess very little knowledge of that historical period and consequently the same applies to the general public. Based on the results of the research, a panel discussion and cross-border exhibition will be organised, a cultural trail and exhibitions will be established, some of the most important facilities from that historical era will be arranged and revitalised. By means of these and supporting activities, the partners wish to contribute to a greater awareness on the historical developments in the cross-border area.   Expected Results: Different studies, investigations and reserches, conference, revitalization of the Žitnica (Erdödy mansion) and Erdödy park in Jastrebarsko, of the castle Metlika, of the curch of St. Vid, different building project documentation, exhibitions, brochures, website, promotion materials



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  • 2007 - 2013 Slovenia - Croatia (SI-HR)
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